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GNBVT Teachers Support Each Other Through Professional Development

GNBVT Teachers helping GNBVT Teachers in Zoom Meeting​Moving to online learning is difficult for all those involved — this includes the teachers. To combat some of the difficulties that some teachers were having during the shift to online learning, GNB Voc-Tech teachers stepped up to the plate to offer professional development that taught the staff how to navigate Google Classroom and Google Hangout to ensure that teachers are able to do all they can to remain connected with students.

Kendra Jusseaume, Marcio Santiago and Katelyn Fitzsimmons offered a Google Classroom for Beginners professional development via Zoom on Wednesday, March 25th and Michaela Shea offered a Google Hangout session via zoom on Thursday, March 26th and Friday, March 27th. All of the sessions had an amazing turn out and were well received by the staff. As the school navigates this rapidly changing situation, we can be sure that the staff will always support one another to do right by kids.