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Media Technology

Program Description

Media Technology is a four-year program designed for students planning careers in communications. Successful graduates will be poised to take any number of career paths, including publishing, journalism, film, animation, advertising, and graphic design.

Students will develop extensive skills in cross platform computer fundamentals, 2D and 3D animation, media literacy, public speaking, technical communications, video editing and production, digital photography, web design, news production, layout and design, desktop publishing, and time management.Students will complete a variety of print and non-print media productions while learning the latest computer software applications.

They will work on the school’s award-winning magazine, Visions.To improve and further hone their communication skills, the vast majority of graduates from the Media Technology program enroll in college or attend other post-secondary institutions.

Course of Study


2D Animation
Introduction to Desktop Publishing
Introduction 3D Animation – Exploratory
Digital Imaging (Software and Hardware)
Public Speaking


Journalism/Desktop Publishing
Advanced 2D Animation
Advanced 3D Animation
Digital Sculpting
Motion Graphics
Media Skills


Intro to Video Editing and Production
Advanced Video Editing and Production
Photography and Digital Imaging
Film Study


Broadcast News
Desktop Publishing
Media Writing
Web Design
Advanced Photography and Digital Imaging

Career Opportunities

Camera Operator
Audio Technician
Broadcast Technician
On-Air Talent
Vocational Teacher
Communication Teacher
Academic Teacher
Desktop Publisher

Comic Book Writer/Artist
2D Animator
3D Animator
Character Modeler
Environment Artist
Texture Artist
Game Developer
Character Rigger
Web Designer
Commercial and Industrial Designer
Flash Developer