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Information Support Services & Networking

Program Description

Students will learn how to begin a career in information technology as a personal computer service technician and network administrator. This track will prepare students to take the CompTIA A+ Core Hardware, A+ Operating System, Network+, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, and Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Information Support Services and Networking students will build on their knowledge and professional experience of how to install, configure, upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot personal computer systems, components, peripherals, and various operating systems; to connect computers to networks; and to provide service to clients with personal computer equipment service needs.

They will also build on their knowledge and professional experience of computer hardware, operating system, and networking as they acquire the specific skills required to implement basic networking protocols on a computer network. They will understand and implement troubleshooting procedures on networks and computer systems, and examine the basics of a network operating system in use today. Students will have hands-on training and be able to administer a local and wide area network using Windows 2008 Server, Cisco switches, and Cisco routers. By the end of senior year, students will be able to build simple Local Area Networks/Wide Area Networks, perform basic configurations for routers and switches, and implement IP addressing schemes.

Students mirror a technical support center by handling calls, entering and updating data, sending technicians to handle repairs, and advancing complex issues to higher-level technicians. The students troubleshoot issues over the phone, place follow-up calls and schedule on-site repairs with either the student or professional technicians within the school. The Information Support Services and Networking students are responsible for tracking and servicing all computer equipment inside of the school.

The majority of graduates choose to continue their education and pursue two- or four- year degree programs in computer programming, computer information systems, or computer engineering. Students are also qualified for entry-level employment in computer operations and information systems.

Course of Study




60H2 Computer Science


70H3 Adv Data Communications & Networking
61H3 Technical Math
62H3 Tech Communications
60H3 Database Administration


70H4 Internet Working
61H3 Technical Math
62H3 Tech Communications
60H4 Database Administration

Career Opportunities

Computer Engineer
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Systems Analyst
Data Communications Analyst
Hardware Engineer
Network Systems Analyst
Network/IS Administrator
Technical Writer
Lead Application Developer
Application Architect
Data Modeler
Messaging Administrator
Senior IT Auditor

Business Intelligence Analyst
Help Desk
Staff Consultant
ATM Repair Technician
Hardware Manager
Information Protection Analyst
Business Management
Communication Specialist
Network Security
Hardware Engineer
Computer Repair
System Software Engineer Secretary
Network System Analyst

Programmer Database Administrator
Computer Scientist
Business Architect
Data Scientist
Social Media Architect
Mobile Technology Expert
Enterprise Mobile Developer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Integration Specialist
Director of Security
Collaboration and Social Media Evangelist
Technology Broker

College Opportunities

ITT Tech
New England Tech
UMASS Dartmouth
Boston University
Full Sail University
UMASS Amherst
Johnson and Wales University
Macon State College
The Art Institute

Neumont University
Benjamin Franklin University
Bay State College
Stanford University
Oxford University
Harvard University
Princeton University
Yale University
Penn State University

Bristol Community College
North Eastern University
Nichole’s University
Southern New Hampshire University
Cape Cod Community College
Framingham University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Global Institute of Technology
Bridgewater State College
Wentworth Institute of Technology