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The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires students to meet the competency determination on the MCAS exams (English language arts, mathematics, and science) in order to receive a high school diploma. In cases where students fail the MCAS test, the school may automatically adjust their course schedule to ensure that they receive extra help in the relevant subject(s). Schedule changes will be made at the discretion of the school.

Students who do not meet the scoring threshold on the ELA or Math MCAS exam in high school established by the Department must meet the requirements of an Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP). When grant funding is available, the school runs an Academic Support Program for students needing help in mathematics, science, or English language arts.


For more information on Academic Support Programs, contact the academic office at (508) 998-3321, ext. 202.

John & Abigail Adams Scholarship

To determine eligibility for this scholarship, students must score in the top 25% of their class on the MCAS assessments as determined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  This scholarship is usually granted in the senior year to qualifying students.  The state sends only one copy of the scholarship letter for eligible seniors, so scholarship recipients are encouraged to make an extra copy and keep it in a safe place.  This letter is needed for college admissions to a state school.  
Any senior with questions on the John and Abigail Adams scholarship can contact Sue Demers, Scheduling/Reporting & MCAS Test Coordinator at (508) 998-3321, ext. 380, or at