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Monday, Dec, 2.

Cycle 11, Day 4.

Breakfast: Egg, Sausage & Cheese Sandwich or Cereal, milk, fruit,  & juice
Lunch: Chicken Patty Sandwich,  oven brown potatoes, lettuce & tomato, fresh carrots, milk & fruit
Salad Line: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Tuesday, Dec,3.

Cycle 11, Day 5.

Breakfast: Assorted Bagel , Fruit Parfait or Cereal,  milk, fruit, & juice
Lunch: Loaded Nachos w/ seasoned meat, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes, and,  salsa , & sour cream milk & fruit
Salad Line: Chicken Caesar

Wednesday, Dec 4.

Cycle 11, Day 6.

Breakfast: Assorted Muffins,  Fruit Smoothie or Cereal, milk, & juice
Lunch: Corn Dog, baked beans, corn, milk & fruit
Salad Line: Grilled  Chicken & Cheese

Thursday, Dec 5.

Cycle 12, Day 1.

Breakfast: French Toast Stick , Fruit Smoothie,  or Cereal, milk, fruit, and juice
Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Pizza or Cheese Pizza with salad, milk & fruit
Salad Line: Chicken Caesar

Friday, Dec 6.

No School