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Marine Technology

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Marine Technology

Program Description

The marine service program will prepare students to pursue a variety of career paths in the marine industry, such as marine mechanic, marine electrician, marine equipment and/or underwater welder, boat captain, ship builder, fiberglass repair technician, boat refinisher and many more. Initially, students are taught the fundamentals of engine operation which includes operating procedures on gasoline internal combustion engines, such as general maintenance, fuel system diagnostics and repair. They will also learn basic electrical theory and engine cooling principals. Students will be taught how to use the common hand and power tools necessary to repair marine equipment as well as obtaining knowledge of the different types of hardware used in the industry.

Students will learn about boat construction and the different materials required to perform such skills, while mastering the appropriate language and terminology used throughout the marine industry. Students will be taught the communication skills necessary to engage customers and vendors in addition to completing thorough service request forms, repair estimates and the necessary procedure(s) for sourcing parts. Students will also learn how to perform general maintenance and proper winterizing and spring conditioning techniques. When the fundamental skills have been mastered, students will be taught advanced engine building techniques including the following: diesels, electrical and electronic repair, plumbing, HVAC, hydraulics, welding, diagnostics and navigation. 

Throughout the program students will have the opportunity to obtain their SCUBA certification, AWS (American Welding Society) welding certification, OSHA 10-Hour certificate as well as work towards their ABYC certifications. All curriculum is in accordance with the nationally recognized American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) regulations.

The curriculum will be delivered using a multimodal approach which includes both hands-on learning and classroom theory instruction. Hands-on instruction will be delivered in the school and throughout the community at a variety of marine shops etc., as a part of our placement/co-operative education program.  Students will also complete courses in ABYC Electrical theory, ABYC Marine Systems, ABYC Marine Corrosion, Advanced Marine electrical systems, ABYC Gasoline Engines, ABYC Diesel Engines, ABYC Composite Boat Builder and ABYC air conditioning and refrigeration.



Course of Study


Introduction to Boathandling
Marine systems and Service Areas


Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines
Four-Stroke and Maintenance


Electrical and Electronics in Marine Applications


Advanced Engine Diagnostics and Marine Systems

Career Opportunities

  • Facilities Management for Shipyards, Marinas
  • Marine Mechanic
  • Marine and Underwater Welder
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Carpenter
  • Marine Electrician
  • Ship Builder
  • Rigging Technician
  • Marine Painter
  • Fiberglass Repair Technician
  • Upholstery and Interior Technician
  • Mobile Repair Businesses
  • Charter Fishing industry
  • Commercial Fishing Industry
  • Off Shore Wind Industry