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Physical & Health Education

Ryan Methia

Ryan Methia
Coordinator of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
Extension: 293
Room: A203

Anne Richard 2019

Anne Richard
Athletic Director’s Secretary
Extension: 228
Room: A201


The focus of the physical education program is achieving lifelong fitness. Freshman and Sophomore classes are concerned with fitness and skills. Junior and senior classes focus on lifelong activities.

Freshman Physical Education:

The emphasis is on teaching physical education skills as well as assessing physical fitness. Activities, sports and games are used to develop the necessary skills. The National Athletic Testing Program is used to assess fitness.

Freshman Health:

The Freshman Health Program combines with our Physical Education classes to make up our Wellness Program. The Health Program will cover the following topics: Violence Prevention Education (Anti-bullying, Dating Violence, Harassment, etc); Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs (ATOD) prevention education; Human Sexuality Issues by the Responsible Attitudes about Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting (RAPPP) program provided by the SouthCoast Hospital Group; and other current teenage health issues if time permits.

Sophomore Physical Education:

Continued emphasis on teaching physical education skills with activities progressing as the students become more proficient. Testing is also continued to measure progress.

Junior Physical Education:

The emphasis is on lifelong sports and physical activities. Students choose semester selections from a variety of offerings that include most sports, games, and weight training activities. Meet once every academic cycle out of a related class. Classes are focus on participation.

Senior Physical Education:

A continued emphasis on lifelong sports and physical activities. Students continue to select from a wide range of physical activities and sports including more advanced forms of conditioning including yoga and functional training.