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Program Description

Plumbing and pipe fitting has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. This is due to increased construction activity and growth in areas which use extensive pipe work such as chemical plants, oil refineries, water treatment plants, and waste disposal plants. The ongoing new construction, remodeling, and repairing of plumbing and pipe fitting creates additional demand for hiring more plumbers and pipe fitters.

Students master many basic plumbing skills including the following: pipe threading, soldering copper tubing, oxy-acetylene brazing and cutting, assembling cast iron pipe with lead oakum joints, and joining polyvinyl chloride pipe with solvent cement.

Students practice these skills by working on a mock house in the shop area. They work on the installation of a complete plumbing system including waste and vent piping, plumbing fixtures and hot water heater. They also learn how to install hydronic heating systems. Extensive instruction is given in the repair and maintenance of plumbing system fixtures. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce as apprentice plumbers or pursue post-secondary education.


Course of Study


Technical Code Science I
Trade Math I


Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Shop
Technical Code Science II
Trade Math II
Plumbing Technical Drawing


Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Shop
On Site Plumbing
Technical Code Science III
Trade Math III
Blueprint Reading


Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Shop
On Site Plumbing
Technical Code Science
Trade Math
Blue Print Introduction

Career Opportunities

Appliance Installer/Repairer
Apprentice Plumber
Building Inspector
Careers in HVAC
Gas Fitter
General Maintenance Worker

Pipe Fitter
Pipe Layer
Sprinkler Fitter
Sprinkler System Installer
Steam Fitter
Water Treatment Specialist