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Culinary Arts

Program Description

The mission of the Culinary Arts program is to offer high-quality multifaceted education to prepare students for employment in the food service industry or post secondary education. Students are exposed to a number of basics through advanced tasks in a real-time industrial environment.

The Culinary Arts program at GNB Voc-Tech has been nationally certified since 2005 by the American Culinary Federation Foundation’s Secondary Education Certification Committee.

The Culinary Arts program consists of hands on instruction in cooking, baking, and dining room service. Cooking emphasizes the preparation of all types of soups, sauces, protein fabrication and menu preparation using a variety of culinary techniques. Baking entails the preparation of cakes, cookies, pies, breads, and many elegant pastry techniques and desserts. Our Dining room management component encompasses customer relations, hosting, order taking, serving, and various management fundamentals.

Skilled Culinary Arts graduates are in great demand in the industry, as such we provide live training in various industrial conditions. This provides our students an opportunity to become well rounded and ready for the work force.

Upon graduation, students may be enabled to continue their education at a two or four year college or enter the workforce in one of the many challenging entry level positions always available in the Culinary Arts field.

Course of Study


Exploratory Program
Culinary Fundamentals


Culinary Related Theory
Culinary Arts Practical Application
Back of the House Operations


Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry
Culinary Arts Production Kitchen
Restaurant Management
Foodservice Math/Hospitality
Foodservice Theory
Senior Related
Serv Safe Certification Preparation
Entrepreneurship (elective)


Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry
Culinary Arts Production Kitchen
Restaurant Management

Career Opportunities

Careers in Public Health
Dietician and Nutritionist
Food and Drug Inspector
Food Business Consultant
Food Preparation Careers

Food Processing Careers
Food Science Technologist
Hospitality Careers
Host and Hostess
Party Planner
Restaurant Manager