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Legal & Protective Services

Program Description

The legal and protective services field provides students with an in depth course of study in law and criminal justice. The Program prepares students to enter the workforce in the area of public safety and the legal profession. Students earn many certifications which are used in the legal field today. Additionally, the rigorous legal curriculum provides students with a competitive edge in a wide variety of criminal justice areas when entering college.

Through this program students learn legal theory and its application in real world scenarios. Students gain insight into the philosophies and disciplines of a variety of criminal justice areas such as effective communications, crime scene processing, criminal law and procedure, disaster preparedness, ethics, law enforcement, private investigations, and trial practice.

Documents & Forms:

Course of Study

Freshman and Sophomores

First Aid/CPR Certification
Basic First Responder
Physical Training/Defensive Training
Constitutional Law
US Constitution
Massachusetts Bill of Rights
Advanced Communications
Communication Techniques

PowerPoint Presentations
Criminal Law and Procedure
MA Rules of Evidence
Integrated Science
DNA Analysis and Finger Printing

Crime Scene Analysis
Evidence Gathering
Computer and On-Line Security
Homeland Security
Integrated Mathematics

Junior and Seniors

Specialized Areas of Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice
Constitutional Law
Report Writing
History of Policing
Interview and Interrogation Technique
Crime Scene Investigation
Intro to Criminal Investigations
Community Policing
Police Technology

Stress Management
Juvenile Delinquency
Domestic Violence
School Violence
Counter Intelligence
Understanding of Office of Homeland Security & other Federal Agencies
Policing in the 21st Century
E911 Certification
NIMS Certification
ICS Certification
Environmental Safety
Occupational Safety & Health Technology Industrial Hazard Materials Response

Integrated Science
Anatomy and Physiology
Finger Printing
Crime Scene Analysis
Evidence Gathering
Integrated Math
Advanced Communications
Communication Techniques
PowerPoint Presentations
Computer Writing Skills

Career Opportunities

911 Telecommunicator
Armed Forces
Correctional Officer
Court Personnel

Emergency Dispatcher
Emergency Medical Specialist
Fire Fighter