AT GNB Voc-Tech, our school not only services the students of New Bedford, Dartmouth and Fairhaven, but also the members of the  community at-large.  Community involvement is an essential element of the school and intertwined directly into the student’s curriculum.  Whether it’s an in-house guest speaker, field trip, Co-Op, Placement, STEM Day or a community collaboration, such as Noah’s Playground or the lighting at Clasky Common Park, students are engaged in the activities outside of the walls of the school to enhance their learning with “real-world” / professional experiences.  Also, the school is a hub for outside community events that brings people from the South Coast together, such as the annual Craft Fairs and Home Shows.  Finally, our alumni play a vital role to the school-wide community.  The alumni are not only the legacy, but the role models for our current students and often help build a mentor relationship with our current students once they are established in their fields.