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Attendance Department

GNBVT has a 97% attendance rate!

Jennifer Carreiro

Jennifer Carreiro
Supervisor of Attendance
Phone: (508) 998-3321 ext. 341 or 734
FAX:     (508) 998-4646

Supervisor of Attendance’s Administrative Assistant: Darlene Martin
Extension: 734
Room: B117

New Attendance Policies


Arriving on time to school is very important. Being late disrupts other students and teachers who have begun the school day on time. Students must be in their 1st period class at 7:40 A.M. to be considered on time.

Three tardy arrivals will count as one absence. Students who are tardy are required to make up the time within 2 days. Students will report to the cafeteria extension at 2:31 P.M. to make up such time under the supervision of the Supervisor of Attendance. All students are required to serve tardy/detention in the cafeteria extension and should bring school work to complete. Students reporting in before 8:20 A.M. will serve 30 minutes. Students reporting after 8:20 A.M. will serve 60 minutes. Failure to make up tardies within 2 days without a valid excuse will result in automatic 2:30-4:00 P.M. detention to be served in the Education room. Students that are chronically tardy will lose school privileges, including all school sponsored events i.e. participation in sports, junior banquet, senior prom and all extra- curricular activities.


All students getting dismissed who are self drivers are required to drop off a written note from a parent/legal guardian in the morning before school to the Attendance Office.

Students on the Principles list with age of majority are required to follow the same protocol and drop off a written note in the morning.

All other students being picked up by a parent/guardian listed on the 10 A emergency form are not required to send in a note, but must come in the building and sign the student out at the Welcome Center.

Why does Attendance Matter?

  • School Attendance is the major indicator in determining student success
  • Students that attend school on a regular basis achieve at higher levels
  • Poor attendance is the leading cause in failing grades
  • Salary is higher for students that acquire skills and receive a diploma
  • By 9th grade attendance is shown as the key factor linked to a high school graduation (NCES)
  • Missing 10% of the school year or 18 days is considered chronic absenteeism
  • Chronic absenteeism leads to overall poor attendance that can produce negative outcomes such as:
    • High school dropout
    • Low wages in workplace
    • At risk behaviors; crime, homelessness, job loss, substance abuse etc.

In continuing to create a positive attendance culture we instill good habits in our students in the classroom that will carry over to the workplace. This practice will promote lifelong learners that will succeed by achieving the goals they set. Congratulations to students and their teachers keep up the great work!

Go Bears!!!