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2024 – 2025

Physical Education & Health

Course & Program of Studies

The Physical Education / Health Department at Greater New Bedford Regional  Vocational Technical High School promotes a sense of self-awareness and well-being  in all of our students. Our Health Education Program will provide our students with  the information needed to make informed decisions regarding their health as well as  any necessary associated preventative measures. 

Our Physical Education Program will provide our students with the opportunity to develop lifelong skills in various physical activities while promoting the value of fair play and sportsmanship. The goal of this integrated department is to develop a sound  mind in a sound body which will help each of our students meet the everyday  challenges of the emotional, social and physical aspects of everyday life.

Physical Education & Health Graduation Requirement

All physical education and health classes are 1 credit courses. All students will need to receive a passing grade in 3 out of the 4 physical education/health classes they are enrolled in. One of those credits has to be Health.

Freshman & Sophomore Physical Education – 1 Credit 

Freshmen and sophomore physical education will teach basic understanding and fundamental  skill development in a variety of activities and games while emphasizing the importance of life long fitness as a personal goal. Games and activities will include weight training & conditioning,  volleyball, basketball, badminton, pickleball, Frisbee games, cooperative games,  softball/whiffleball, hockey, soccer and football. During these units students will improve their  coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, and endurance. To  facilitate the department’s student learning goal freshmen and sophomore physical education  classes will include a daily warm-up, skill-based instruction, gameplay and assessments. In  addition this program will attempt to instill confidence and self-esteem in our students as they  learn about the importance of physical fitness to their overall wellness and promote a healthy  lifestyle.

Junior Physical Education – 1 Credit 

Junior physical education will be delivered to our students in a recreational style. Activities will  include weight training & conditioning, volleyball, basketball, badminton, pickleball, Frisbee  games, cooperative games, softball/wiffle ball, hockey, soccer and football. 

Senior Physical Education – 1 Credit 

Senior physical education classes will be gameplay focused and will push students to develop  their strategic understanding of the games and activities we offer. The physical education department will instill the importance of confidence and self-esteem in relation to physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Freshman Health – 1 Credit

The goal of our freshmen health program is to deliver essential information to our students that  will help them deal with issues in a positive way and make healthy decisions that will have a  direct impact on their lives. The Freshman Health classes combine with our Physical Education  classes to make up our Wellness Program. Freshmen Health classes will cover the following  topics in 6 lesson units: Opioids/Drug Education & Prevention, Human Sexuality (RAPP  program, contraception/STDs, Transgender education) and Personal Health (Bullying, Sexual  Harassment and Self-Esteem). The following topics will be covered in 3 lesson units: Mental &  emotional health, Violence prevention and education, Pregnancy, and Nutrition.  

Student Athletes

Academic Eligibility

All students at GNB Voc-Tech are expected to pass all of their courses. Academic eligibility is then determined at the end of each of the three marking periods based on the following criteria: In order to be eligible to participate in athletic competition, a student must not be failing more than 6 credits in a term. For questions regarding eligibility,contact the athletic director. 

If a student athlete fails to meet these criteria in any quarter, the student/athlete will not be eligible until he/she receives their next report card. Students who are on probation are ineligible until their next report card. 

GNBVT uses the official date that report cards are printed. All grade changes after that point will be held until report cards are distributed to all students.  

For the Fall Season academic eligibility is determined by the 3rd trimester report card. Students that fail more than 6 academic credits in the 3rd trimester are expected to make up credits during  summer school to meet the requirement and become eligible for the Fall Season.  

**Students cannot make up Career/Technical credits during summer school. Any student failing their Career/Technical area in the 4th quarter will not be eligible for Fall Season.

When a student-athlete is determined to be academically ineligible by the Athletic Director, the student’s guidance counselor and coach will be notified about the situation and asked to touch base with the student-athlete and/or family  directly. Academically ineligible student-athletes may not participate in any team practice or contests and must forfeit all end of the season awards.



Students whose report card is incomplete due to attendance issues will not be eligible to  participate in athletics until the next quarterly report card issued. In cut sports, an athlete may  lose the entire season. Students who are absent from school may not participate in any school activity that afternoon orevening. Any student who is absent from school is ineligible to play in a game that day or to participate in after-school or evening activities (practices) on that same day. Students must attend school for a minimum of three periods in a day in order to be eligible to participate in after-school or evening activities on that same day. There may be extenuating circumstances that are exceptions to the above rule; however, only the Principal and/or his designee may decide when this rule may not apply. The principal and Athletic Director have the authority to investigate possible situation in which this rule is being abused.


GNBVT is committed to offering an athletic program to our student-athletes that not only improves their physical and emotional states but also builds character traits that will help them later in life.


To this point GNBVT takes any suspension of a student-athlete very serious. Our student-athletes represent our school in a very public and open forum. To ensure our student-athletes will represent our school well on and off the playing field  the district is committed to ensuring the behavior of our student-athletes in their academic and  career technical areas will reflect the expectations and culture we work to set on a daily basis.  

Any student-athlete that is in-school suspended or out-of-school suspended will face the  following penalties. 

1st Suspension under 2 periods = Written Warning (to be signed and returned by  parent/guardian) 

2nd Suspension under 2 periods = 1 game suspension 

3rd Suspension (and on) under 2 periods = 2 game suspension 

1st Suspension 3 -6 periods = 1 game suspension 

2nd Suspension (and on) 3 -6 periods = 2 game suspension 

1st Full Day Suspension = 2 game suspension 

*** All individual suspensions over 2 days will be reviewed by the Athletic Director for final  determination*** 

*** GNBVT will follow MIAA Rule 62 as a minimum in situations dealing with Chemical  Health Situations ***

Injury and Status with the Team


In certain situations at the desecration of the Head Coach and Athletic Director a student-athlete  who was injured before or during try-outs may be granted a spot on the team and allowed to  participate once cleared if they meet this criteria: 

  1. Was a member of the team the previous season 
  2. Remains in good standing with team 
  3. Has completed all rehab assignments with athletic trainer 
  4. Has been to all practices and games. 
  5. Completes try-out