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2024 – 2025

Marine Technology

Guy Shepherd, Academy C Administrator – Ext. 113

Course & Program of Studies

Statement of Purpose

The philosophy of the Marine Technology Program is dedicated to providing the best and most complete technical education for all of our students. As a vocational-technical high school, our fundamental purpose is to provide education for employment and to prepare students for post-secondary education. The high school graduates of the 21st century face a world in which the most important skills in the workplace are the ability to learn, to change, and adapt. The underlying fundamentals of the program will include career and technical training, integrated with English, math, related science, and OSHA Safety training to provide each student with the background to advance educationally as well as professionally. The course instruction utilizes the competencies from the Marine Technology Program Career & Vocational Technical Educational (CVTE) Frameworks and the objectives contained within the six strands of the CVTE Frameworks.

Student working on boat parts

Exploratory Program

The Marine Service Technology exploratory program is structured to the freshman student interests. The safe, friendly environment is conducive to every level of learning ability. Upon completing the exploratory process, the student will have a good sense of each area studied and be confident in making a decision about a future in the career technical area.

This three day course introduces students to the principles of marine services. This program allows students to match their abilities and interests to this technical area. Students will also explore the many career opportunities in the marine service and discuss the various certifications available.

Freshman Program

The freshman marine industry program introduces students to marine language, boating and boat terminology, and boat building techniques. They will learn the fundamentals of fiberglass application, paint application, hull maintenance, woodworking and welding. They will learn about boater’s safety and obtain their boating safety license via the US Coast Guard Safe Powerboat Handling course which includes “on the water” training.

The freshman will learn how to use common tools and equipment for lifting, hoisting and blocking boats.

Students will learn various ways of maintaining hulls by detailing, buffing, polishing, waxing, wood treatment and metal deoxidation.

Students will use various tools and equipment to construct basic wooden structures, metal joining and drilling/tapping techniques as well as corroded parts maintenance and prevention.

Sophomore Program

The sophomore marine industry program introduces students to the principles of marine services. This program allows students to match their abilities and interests to this technical area. Students will also explore the many career opportunities in the marine service and discuss the various certifications available.

The sophomore marine service program will delve into the ABYC Fundamentals of Marine Service Technology. . Students will study and earn their 10-Hour OSHA safety card combined with first aid and dealing with fire related issues, and lock out, tag out.

Students will also dive into Yamaha’s Introduction to Outboard Systems online suite where they will learn about internal combustion engines, how they work and what they do covering 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines and spark ignition and compression ignition. Upon completion they will receive a Certificate of Completion with Yamaha ITOS.

Students will learn about outboard maintenance and troubleshooting, including routine maintenance, hardware identification, troubleshooting/diagnostics, carburetor/fuel system service, spark plug service and steering linkage service

Students will learn about gasoline fueled inboard engine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Students will learn about drive systems for inboard and outboard engine service, including safe boat handling practices.

Junior Program

The junior marine technology program takes the students a step further by covering engine diagnostics, manufacturer-specific repair and service, drivetrain repair and service, electrical/electronic fundamentals, repair and installation and gas/diesel service and maintenance.

Students will work on a variety of engines such as inboards, outboards, sterndrives and jet drives and troubleshoot different types of problems a technician may encounter. Students will identify failures due to age, wear, corrosion and misuse.

Students will winterize engines and water systems using appropriate chemicals. Students will properly dispose of chemicals and identify eco-friendly solutions.

Students will also begin job searching and participate in a placement program in local marinas and boat repair businesses. Halfway through the year, they become eligible for co-op employment and start filling the highly sought after positions within our local industry.

Senior Program

The senior shop program is designed for students to enhance their skills on real world jobs including customer work and simulated repairs. Using a combination of shop equipment, donated materials and customer jobs, students will start to finish repairs from writing a repair order, talking to customers and identifying and ordering parts to repairing, servicing and maintaining vessels and final detailing for delivery.
Many students are given the opportunity to work on co-op in a variety of roles in a boatyard, so our goal for seniors in the shop is to create activities that will expand their knowledge of all of the jobs available. Students will perform repairs to hulls, paint/gel coat, fiberglass and wood as well as general engine service and maintenance.

Students will also be taught the internal engine side of the industry and rebuild engines, a highly advanced skill used in many repair facilities which includes precision measuring and cutting, boring and honing of engine parts.

Students will diagnose and repair electrical systems including batteries, cables and rigging.

Student welding in Marine

Career Opportunities

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  • Facilities Management for Shipyards, Marinas
  • Marine Mechanic
  • Marine and Underwater Welder
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Carpenter
  • Marine Electrician
  • Ship Builder
  • Rigging Technician
  • Marine Painter
  • Fiberglass Repair Technician
  • Upholstery and Interior Technician
  • Mobile Repair Businesses
  • Charter Fishing industry
  • Commercial Fishing Industry
  • Offshore Wind Industry
Students working on boat in marine