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Banner with school logo and school name and motto
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2024 – 2025


Course & Program of Studies

In pursuit of our mission, the faculty, administration, school committee, parents, and students have a responsibility to create and contribute to a welcoming, challenging and culturally mindful school environment.

School Philosophy

  • Students can achieve mastery in reading, writing, speaking,  reasoning, computing, investigating, problem-solving, and creating in  all core academic subjects according to the standards set by the  Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Students can achieve mastery in career and technical education that  reflects current industry standards and is aligned to the Massachusetts Technical Frameworks. 
  • Students can engage in responsible citizenship with integrity,  commitment to the common good, and with respect for others and  their environment.  
  • Students exhibit respect for diversity through participation in  programs and curricula dedicated to creating a culture of  understanding of race, ethnicity, family configuration, sexual  orientation, gender identity (including gender expression), religion,  and socioeconomic status.  
  • Students’ self-esteem and self-confidence are nurtured through  healthy social interaction with peers and adults in and outside of the  school.  
  • Students are instilled with a commitment to lifelong learning and  flexibility to adapt to social, political, and economic change.  
  • Students feel safe to attend and participate in all curricular and  extracurricular activities without threats to their physical or  emotional well-being.  

Information / Informação / Información

IN  ENGLISH: If you need information in Portuguese or Spanish please call 508-998- 3321 ext. 678. Thank you. 

EM PORTUGUÊS: Se necessita de ajuda ou informação em Português ligue para o  número 508-998-3321 extensão 678 . Obrigada. 

EN ESPAÑOL: Si necesita de ayuda o información en Español llame el número  508-998-3321 extensión 678. Gracias.

School Goals

  • To provide academic, vocational and technical programs that prepare our  students to be productive members of society, and our Greater New  Bedford communities; 
  • To provide integrated academic and vocational/technical programs that  challenge each student to achieve state performance standards;  
  • To provide programs and activities that contribute to a safe and supportive  environment for a diverse student body;  
  • To provide counseling services for all students to achieve academic,  personal-social and career goals;  
  • To use student assessment results to review and improve curricula,  courses, programs and instructional practices; 
  • To utilize the expertise of the Advisory Committees in order to provide new  areas of training required for community and industrial development;  
  • To support special populations in their classrooms and technical programs  to help them achieve academic and career goals;  
  • To provide staff with the professional development opportunities,  resources and support needed to motivate and engage students to master  challenging content in standards based classrooms and shops;  
  • To provide teachers with courses and practices that enable them to  facilitate student mastery of technology competencies;  
  • To provide professional development opportunities that will assist staff in  obtaining and maintaining professional licensure; 
  • To develop partnership with parents, businesses, industries and  community agencies;  
  • To provide on-going safety programs;  
  • To obtain 3rd party certification in our vocational programs;  
  • To align vocational programs with the Certificate of Occupational  Proficiency requirements.

School Committee

  • Kimberli Bettencourt, Chairperson New Bedford 
  • Randall C. Durrigan Fairhaven 
  • Wayne Oliveira Fairhaven 
  • Michael Shea Dartmouth 
  • Dr. Cynthia Marland Dartmouth 
  • Carol Pimental New Bedford 
  • Rita Ribeiro New Bedford 
  • Frederick Toomey New Bedford 


  • Michael P. Watson Superintendent-Director 
  • Pamela Stuart Director of Business Operations 
  • Warley J. Williams, III Academic Principal 
  • Robert J. Watt Executive Director for Operations and Compliance
  • Erin Ptaszenski Executive Director of Student Services
  • Helder Angelo Director of Curriculum,  Assessment & Accountability/  ELL Coordinator