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Preparation – Passion – Perseverance

What’s Your Destination?


With an enrollment of over two thousand students from our sending communities of New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven, GNB Voc-Tech students experience a unique high school education that blends academic instruction with career and technical education and training. 
Through their course of study, students wishing to pursue post-secondary education or advanced technical training are able to meet all of the requirements necessary for them to be admitted to state colleges and universities, most private colleges, or technical schools.  Additionally, the vocational skills that they acquire give them a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

Agriculture & Construction

Carpentry / Painting and Design


Agriculture & Construction

Electrical Technology


Agriculture & Construction

Environmental Science


Agriculture & Construction

Heating and Air Conditioning


Agriculture & Construction



Legal, Life Sciences & Service



Legal, Life Sciences & Service

Dental Assisting


Legal, Life Sciences & Service

Early Childhood Education


Legal, Life Sciences & Service

Legal & Protective Services


Legal, Life Sciences & Service

Medical Assisting


Legal, Life Sciences & Service

Nurse Assisting/Health Assisting


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Automotive Technology


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Business Technology


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Collision Repair Technology


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation



Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Diesel Service Technology


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Fashion Design


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Information Technology


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Information Support Services & Networking


Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Programming & Web Development


Arts & Manufacturing

Architectural Design


Arts & Manufacturing

Architectural & Mechanical Design


Arts & Manufacturing

Engineering & Robotics


Arts & Manufacturing

Machine Technology


Arts & Manufacturing

Mechanical Design


Arts & Manufacturing

Media Technology


Arts & Manufacturing

Stationary Engineering


Arts & Manufacturing

Welding Technology


Arts & Manufacturing

Visual Design


Coach thornhill background

Coach Thornhill

Mark Thornhill has lived in New Bedford all his life. Born in the South End, he graduated from New Bedford High School. Since the age of 14, his freshman year, running was a big part of his life. Continue Reading Coach Thornhill

Mckenzie Faces of GNB

Mckenzie Arruda

Meet Mckenzie Arruda, a senior in Visual Design. Mckenzie has always loved the arts “I would be drawing with one hand and curling my hair with the other” she recalled. Continue Reading Mckenzie Arruda

SA faces background

Scott Atkinson

Mr. Scott Atkinson is the biotechnology teacher at GNB Voc Tech. Mr. Atkinson grew up in New Bedford and attended GNBVT as an electrical student. Mr. Atkinson believes he learned valuable lessons from his time in the service. He also believes the military taught him a lot about leading by example, that setting a good example is an important form of leadership. Continue Reading Scott Atkinson

Skyla Berube Faces of GNB

Skyla Berube

Meet Skyla Berube, a senior in architectural drafting, an all-star softball player and an aspiring civil engineer. Continue Reading Skyla Berube

Leah I faces Background

Leah Ignacio

Leah Ignacio is a senior in Visual Design at GNBVT. The best part of Visual Design to Leah is having the ability to express herself and seeing other express themselves. Continue Reading Leah Ignacio

Kelly Haggerty

Ms. Kelly Haggerty is an English teacher at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech and has been for many years. Before starting her career here, she hadn’t always planned on being a teacher. Continue Reading Kelly Haggerty

RB faces background

Mr. Robert Brandi

Meet Mr. Robert Brandi, a facilities staff member at GNBVT. Mr. Brandi always goes where he’s needed, which seems like everywhere. Continue Reading Mr. Robert Brandi

nm faces Background

Nicholas Mitcheson

Nicholas Mitcheson is an English teacher at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. He has been surrounded by academics his entire life. His mother, who was a big inspiration in what he does today, was a teacher herself and helped create his love for literature and reading. Continue Reading Nicholas Mitcheson

TM faces background

Tessa McMullen

Tessa McMullen teaches algebra to freshman, sophomore, and juniors at GNBVT. Her favorite part about being a high school teacher is meeting new people every year and building relationships with her students. Continue Reading Tessa McMullen

Keyla Faces of GNB

Keyla DePina

Keyla plans on using what she has learned at GNBVT to attend FIDM a prestigious fashion institute located in Los Angeles. Keyla’s fashion empire is starting to flourish and everyone should watch out for this star on the rise. Continue Reading Keyla DePina

CS faces background

Carl Swass

Meet Carl Swass, a Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech science department educator. Mr. Swass is full of life, wisdom, and geekery. Continue Reading Carl Swass

Kayla Faces of GNB

Kayla da Silva

As a Junior in Early Childhood Education, Kayla da Silva already has an impressive resume of accomplishments. Kayla is enthusiastic about her role at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech and it shows through everything she does. Continue Reading Kayla da Silva

Calvao Faces of GNB

Mrs. Jennifer Calvao

Meet Jennifer Calvao, a Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech Special Education Facilitator. Mrs. Calvao has been working at Voc-Tech for 15 years. She is known for her bright, friendly and compassionate personality. Continue Reading Mrs. Jennifer Calvao

Erin Almond Faces of GNB

Erin Almond

Erin Almond is a Culinary Arts Senior, who is already on her way to becoming a Top Chef. Erin’s passion for cooking is sparked by her love of learning. Continue Reading Erin Almond

Cynthia Faces of GNB

Cynthia Kroudvird

Cynthia Kroudvird has worked at GNBVT for nine years and thinks the journey so far has been amazing. Greeting the students everyday is a pleasure for her and it gives her a good feeling when it puts a smile on their face. Continue Reading Cynthia Kroudvird

KD faces background

Kobey Dias

Meet Kobey Dias, a 16-year-old student in his junior year in the Culinary Arts program at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. His dream is to move to California to purse a career as a professional dancer. Continue Reading Kobey Dias