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Today is National School Principal’s Day

Principal Willams, Teacher Mr. Palumbo, and students Rahman and Shamaine

To honor this day we want to take some time and thank our very own principal, Mr. Williams, and reflect on the true commitment he has to our school!

Ever wonder what a principal does or the skills needed for this high-demand position?

Here’s a short list of some of the key traits that a principal needs to make sure that their schools run well.

  • Ardent Work: Principals work an average of over 60 hours a week, which is more than most full-time jobs. On top of this, they are always working whether with students and teachers, meetings, and other tasks.
  • Mentorship: Another role a Principal takes charge of is being a mentor to not only students but to all of his faculty and staff.
  • Safety: When something happens in the school the Principal is usually the one coordinating everything to ensure the security of everyone present.
  • Budget Planning: Principals are in charge of managing the funds and other purchases of the school.

So take some time and thank Principal Williams for all the work he does around the school!

mr williams talking with two hands up
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