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“Traveling the world is something that I’ve always wanted to experience, I use it as a big motivator.”

Ava Macedo

Junior in Cosmetology

Faces of GNBVT Jarrod Lussier Picture

Meet Ava Macedo, a Junior in Cosmetology, at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational High School.
Due to her artistic nature, before choosing Cosmetology as her shop, she was originally interested in the Visual Design program, but states she didn’t care which one she got into, as she was equally interested in both! She chose VOC because she wasn’t interested in waiting 4 full years of college to pursue her career, which she expresses immense passion for. This led her to want to get a head start on her future. The reason Ava states she is passionate about her career in Cosmetology is because many fields can be filled, and she can see herself fitting into any and all of them! She chose Cosmetology because she’s always been interested in the field ever since she was a little girl. She expresses feelings of nostalgia and provides an anecdote when talking about specific memories from when she was younger, where she would ask her mom to put makeup on her, and her enjoying every second of it! She says she vividly remembers asking so many questions about the makeup products, what they do, and why, and finds her younger self very endearing! Ava’s hobbies and interests consist of creating new makeup looks, making plans with her peers, working, and napping! Her plans after high school are to start working in the cosmetics industry, more specifically as a makeup artist on movie sets or even doing SFX makeup. She wants to start working right out of high school, specifically so she can start traveling the world since it is something she has always wanted to experience. Ava claims to want to travel to Europe, like Italy or Greece, or even some Latin countries like Mexico or Brazil. A person Ava gives credit to for inspiring her, is her father. She states that her father continues to push through struggles while also taking care of his loved ones, and it truly influences her decisions as it keeps her pushing through life and not giving up on important parts of life like mental health, school, work, and relationships. Etc.

A monumental moment in Ava’s life that inspired her was when she moved into her grandma’s house from her mom’s. It was an inspiring moment for her because she realized how much she was able to thrive and succeed in an environment that allowed her to!


Article and Picture by: Ronal Maric, Senior Media Technology