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In our alumni spotlight series, learn about our graduates and how GNB Voc-Tech impacted their professional and personal lives.  What did our alumni do directly after high school, what are they currently doing, and what skills did they gain here that shaped who they are today?
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GNB Voc-Tech Artisan Spotlight ...

April Moses

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Medical Assisting

class of 1995

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April (Souza) Moses

owner / stylist

AprilEvans Beauty Lounge


I personally feel like anytime you get hands-on or one-on-one training your already one step ahead.  I tell all my stylists there’s no video that can show you what a real in-person or hands-on class will. GNB Voc Tech gave us these tools and set us up for success in this way.  To this day, tthe confidence that we left with makes this school my number one pick!

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April's Story

Q: Why did you choose Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech as your high school?

A: I selected GNBVTHS, because I knew I needed a more hands-on approach to helping people along with a more structure vocational education in place.

Q: Describe your overall GNB Voc-Tech Experience.  (Did you participate in any extracurricular activities or go on a placement/​co-op while in school?)

A: My personal experience at GNBVTHS was one very close to a working environment which is what I wanted even as a young adult.  Unlike other high schools, we were held more accountable for being on time, completing tasks and having deadlines much like the working world. I  also appreciated the resources provided by guidance and the teachers.

One specific memory that stands out to me is one of my fellow classmates suffered with lupus.  She really felt defeated, like she wouldn’t be able to complete the medical program, and our teacher, Mrs. O’Brien (I believe we were her firs class ever) offered her constant reassurance and support. She was always the positive role model we needed at such a crucial age.  Even though I ended up a hair stylist and business owner, I took all her tips and positivity with me; and I now mentor other young adults.

I also always loved being part of a team or community. I played volleyball and softball all four years, and basketball for two.  I participated in many SKillsUSA (VICA) competitions and spotlight programs. I also took advantage of some art and calligraphy classes that were offered for free at the time, which to my surprise I really enjoyed them and ended up needing them later on in my life.  I also did placement at St. Lukes Hospital while in shop.

Q: How did GNB Voc-Tech have impact on your life?

A: I feel that GNBVTHS was then perfect fit for me, and it gave me the tools that I needed to not only be ready for the working world but to thrive. Being a part of so many different teams, taught me sportsmanship, ethics and responsibility.  Honestly, we were just having fun at the time, I didn’t realize this until years later.

April's Advice

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To Future Bears

Take advantage of every resource, club, group and after school program that you can.

To Current Students

We always think we have time to be better or do things later, but the truth is the time is now. You are building your future self, make it count and be proud of who you are becoming.

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To Graduates

Give yourself grace, there’s no handbook on life.  As long as you are doing your best and moving forward, you’re doing great. Accept failures as learning curves and move on.


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I am super excited about the new beauty group we just started, Elevate Beauty Collective.  I feel as though there is a real need for community and resources in our industry.  Also,  I am enrolled in school to be a holistic wellness / life / business coach.  This has been life changing for me as I process my own recent obstacles and traumas.  I’m excited to guide and help other people through their own personal journeys whatever they may be.  I love to constantly grow and learn .

Finally, I’d like to speak very personally to all the teens that don’t come from perfect, privileged families, and tell them I was once in your shoes and felt lost.  Many days I went school with no sleep, stress of family arguments, surrounded by addiction with little to no money for rent or bills sometimes lunch.  Believe me, I didn’t have nice sneakers or clothes, but I’m here to tell you, you can overcome all of this even on the darkest days.  There’s always tomorrow and the sun will shine.  JUST KEEP GOING!

Q: What did you first do after graduation?

A: When I graduated, I immediately worked in a smaller hospital where I was the receptionist.  Some of my duties included making announcements, doing paperwork and helping with scheduling. This was a great paying job right out of school.  I stayed there for quite a while before I realized I had another passion; I went back to school to be a stylist. I have now been in the beauty industry for 25 years.  Thirteen years out of those twenty-five, I have been a business owner, which is no easy task between a recession and a pandemic. I pride myself in overcoming these two major shifts in our economy.

Q: What has your career path been like?

A: My career path has changed tremendously as far as going to GNBRVTHS for medical and transitioning into the beauty industry; however, since that change, I have continued to grow. I now have a salon where we specialize in all things hair, a local gift shop that houses 13 small business inside along with a small boutique inside. We also offer teeth whitening, permanent jewelry, a community room that we rent to local artists or small businesses that can’t afford the overhead of their own space.

My true passion is all the community work we do as a salon and me as an individual. We host many community events and donate to local charities. We recently donated $500 to GNB Voc-Tech to help pay for prom tickets.

Currently, alongside two other amazing local business women we’ve started Elevate Beauty Collective.  Elevate Beauty Collective is a place for the beauty community to come together, get resources and just unite. With all of these amazing things on the horizon, and being currently enrolled in school to be a holistic wellness coach, I’ve recently taken a small step back from being behind the chair to put more energy into the things that continue to feed my soul.