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Here is some information to know about the 2020 yearbook:

  • The Yearbook costs $75 if you buy it by October 1st. Afterward, it would cost $85.
  • You can put down $20 for the order, but the entire payment is due by May 1st.
  • You can personalize your yearbook by adding icons, crests, monograms, or your name for an additional $8.  You can also add an autograph section, a clear protective cover, or photo sockets, each for 3$.
  • Senior Yearbook pictures must be taken by Maré Studios.
  • Yearbooks will be printed by the Jostens company.
  • If you want to help make design decisions for the 2020 yearbook, the Yearbook Club has started and will continue to meet on Tuesdays after school in room C104 with Mr. Ron Quintin and Ms. Cathy Chace.

For even more information regarding the yearbook and its creation, visit Mr. Ron Quintin in room C104 and Ms. Cathy Chace in room B328.