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It’s that time of the year again when once warm days are turned cold. Maybe your sitting by the window as the snow falls, all while sipping a warm cup of cocoa. Wondering what you can do on a snowy day like today. Well let’s talk about it, here are 7 activities you could do in or outside on a snowy day this winter.

Video games are a great way to pass time indoors, from classic RPGs to platformers. There are so many different types of games you can play on a variety of devices.


We have video games, but why not include board games in this list too? Have some friends or family over and whip out a game of monopoly and let competitive fun take over.

Need an excuse to pick up that book you said you’d read but haven’t? Well, now is the time, why not go pick it up and get in some of that reading you said you would do?

Watching a movie is a great way to spend your free time inside. Whether you watch cheesy hallmark movies or comedies. There is bound to be something you’ll enjoy while being all cozy, with maybe some snacks and a drink.

Are you with another person? Pick up some snow and chuck it at them. A snowball fight can always be fun and a good thing to do, not only to pass time, but keep you busy and active in the wintertime. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of competitive fun?

Rather spend your time in the outdoors? Why not go out and build a snowman? It will keep you busy and in the end you’ve made yourself a new friend, even if they may be made of snow.

Sledding can be an absolute blast. From the adrenaline rush, to speeding down a hill, to the tumble if you fall out of your sled. If it’s safe to drive and you have something to ride why not go on to any local area near you and go sled?