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Janell Vo, a Senior in Medical Assisting​Janell Vo, a Senior in Medical Assisting was nominated for the Walter J. Markham Award. Janell is an incredibly intelligent and motivated student. Her GPA is 4.48 and a class rank of 1/520. These stats are an example of her seriousness and ambition regarding her education. Janell is also involved with extracurricular activities such as being a member of the National Honor Society, Skills USA, Student Mentor Program, Rachel’s Challenge, and the Academy B Representative.

For Co-op, Janell was hired at Hawthorn Medical in Dartmouth, MA as a medical assistant in the Cardiology office.She possesses very important characteristics needed to work in the healthcare field such as compassion, empathy and professionalism. She exudes a caring attitude for those she meets and provides care. Janell hopes to attend Northeastern or UMASS Boston to pursue a career as a doctor. 

She honors and values family. She is respectful and appreciative of her immigrant parents and their hard work to build a successful life in America. She is an active participant in this success by caring for her younger brother as needed and providing him with a positive role model in herself and her actions. She carries this positive attitude into the community by volunteering at a local agency, Gifts To Give, whose primary mission is to give all SouthCoast young people an opportunity to practice “Big Citizenship” and “Tangible Philanthropy” through their gift of time. She has even taken the meaning of giving to a personal level by donating her hair to a local agency for those in need of wigs due to illness.

Congratulations, Janell for being nominated for this prestigious award!