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Voc-Tech Theatre Company News

Our next show…

The Voc-Tech Theatre Company is presenting the Tony Award winning Broadway show: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a cute and lively musical featuring six quirky middle school students competing in a spelling bee in a geographically ambiguous area with three equally quirky adults running the show. This exceptionally funny, fast-paced musical provides audiences  with embarrassing gaffes, hilarious mishaps, and escalating laughs as a half-dozen tweens compete for the ultimate title of “Putnam County Spelling Bee Champion.”  As each competitor journeys towards victory or defeat, they openly share their life experiences, hopes, dreams, ambitions, and insecurities. As we get to know each speller, the musical twists and turns from being hysterically funny to beautifully touching.

Show Days…

May 7th- May 9th at 7:00 PM

May 10th 2:00 Matinee

Our Last Show…

The Voc-Tech Theater Company presented Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People”  directed by Marianne Morrissey last fall. The play was a drama about Dr. Britt Stockmann’s hometown on the coast of southern Norway. At her urging, the town has built some Baths attracting tourists and money. Soon, Dr. Stockmann realizes that the water of the Baths is teeming full of bacteria, ensuring everyone who visits will be sick. While some town officials support the Doctor’s discovery, many begin to push back out of fear of losing pride and money. Despite the opposition, the Doctor decides to run a town meeting revealing her discovery but is blindsided by her sister and is kept from reading her report. Driven by deceit, the Doctor launches into a speech declaring a new truth that she has discovered — true corruption in the town and the country gives power to the complacent majority. This speech turns the Doctor’s whole town against her but she retaliates by standing strong to her truth. 

The production was a hit and could not be possible without the many students and faculty involved. Our brilliant student actors did not disappoint in their performances. Major roles were played by Summer Horton, Bethany Whitlow, Abigail Souza, Jade Antunes, Harrison Quinton, Madison Docca, Sofia DaSilva, Olivia Chase, Mia ODonnell, Chloe Acevedo, and Julia Quinton. The drunk and people of various conditions and occupations were played by Abby Sousa, Morgan Milhomme, Skyla Lynk Romano, Tessa Laliberte, Jennifer O’brian, and Noah Soares. 

production staff included Shawn Elliott, BN Sound & Lighting, Nolan Kruger, Elijah Goncalves, Amber Conroy, Mihosotis Soto, Jayde Bousquet, Madison Gaudencio, Alyssa Santos, Bryanna Deandrade, Kyleigh Jennison, Megan Medeiros, Aubrey Tavares, Jefferey Fortin, the Voc-Tech Carpentry Department, the VTTC Parent Support Group, Lindsey LeBlanc, Pam Kavanaugh, Matt Bernado, Cindy Coehlo-Rajani, The Voc-Tech Cosmetology Department, Brian Nobrega, Christine Rogers, Karen Walsh, Maurice LeBlanc, Rick Quintin, Cathy Chase, Business Professionals of America, Sue Richard, Kathy LeBlanc, Melissa Boucher, Christine Rogers, Kristy Acevedo, Debbie Allain, Erin Dube, Kelly Haggarty, Matt Keane, Josh Boucher, Andre Gendreau Zebb Arruda, Kathy Fareas, Michael Bobrowiecki, Robert Brandi, Mark Nogueira and the Voc-Tech custodial night crew.

This production was directed and produced in loving memory of Gerald A. Morrissey, Jr., our beloved artistic director who relentlessly and lovingly pursue excellence in the Voc-Tech Theater Company.