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Voc-Tech Theater Company

  • The play runs from December 6-8. 
  • All seats are reserved.
  • Get choice seats today and support live theatre here at school…in our twentieth year!
  • Tickets are on sale this week in the Lobby from 2:30-7:00 P.M
  • Adults $15, Senior Citizens $12 and Students $10.
  • And a special…any Voc-Tech student with an ID can purchase a ticket for the Friday evening performance for only $6.00.

Synopsis of the Play:

The future is looking bright in Dr. Britt Stockmann’s hometown on the coast of southern Norway. At her urging, the town has built some Baths, which will bring lots of tourists and more importantly tourist dollars. Trouble arrives when the Doctor discovers that the water of the Baths is teeming with bacteria, which are guaranteed to make everybody sick.

At first, several of the town’s leading people like Hovstad, the paper’s editor, and Aslaksen, the head of the Householder’s Association, support the Doctor and her discovery. However, the Mayor, Dr. Stockmann’s sister, stands firmly against it, because the necessary improvements will cost the town tons of cash and will make her look like an idiot. The Mayor swiftly turns the entire town against her sister, and Dr. Stockmann finds herself suddenly in a hostile environment.

Refusing to have the truth be silenced, the Doctor calls a town meeting to read her findings. Once again, though, she is foiled by her crafty sister; the Mayor manipulates the procedures of the meeting so as to keep the Doctor from reading the report. Enraged, Dr. Stockmann launches into a tirade on a new “truth” she’s discovered. She announces that the true corruption in the town and the entire country is that all the power lies with the complacent majority, most of whom are too ignorant to know what’s best for them.

The Doctor’s impassioned speech only serves to turn the entire town against her. Her house windows are smashed with rocks, she loses her job, and her house. In the final scene, she is visited by several people who attempt to get her to retract her words. These corrupt attempts only serve to reinvigorate the Doctor, who determines to start a school to spread knowledge and truth to the poor. By the end of the play, and with the support of her family, Dr. Stockmann has found strength in being alone.