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Bus Rules

Riding the bus to and from school is a privilege not a right. Students who violate the buss rules may be removed from riding the bus either temporarily or permanently. There is no negotiation when it comes to safety. 

Students must observe the following rules:

  1. Wear you school-issued ID in order to board the bus
  2. Be respectful to your bus driver. The bus driver has a very important task to perform and needs your help
  3. Do not request unauthorized stops. Except in emergencies the bus driver is authorized to stop. report an emergency to the driver at once
  4. Do not smoke, eat or drink on the bus. Keep the bus neat and do not mark or cut or break any part of the bus. Do not use profane , loud or boisterous talk or make other nosies that might distract the driver
  5. On the roads and the highways where there are no sidewalks, walk o the side facing traffic to and from your bus stop. Be on time at your your pick-up point. We recommend that you be at your bus stop five minutes before your regular pick up time.
  6. While waiting for the bus, do not engage in horseplay or trespass-onto private property
  7. Do not shove while entering or leaving the bus
  8. Do not stand on or save seats . Remain in your seat until you arrive at your destination 
  9. Do not open any windows on the bus. Do not throw anything in the bus or out the windows. Do not put your hands, arms, or other parts of your body out the window or rear exit door at any time 
  10. Keep books, gym bags, and athletic equipment out of the aisles
  11. Do not take anything onto a school bus that are not allowed to take school
  12. All students transported by bus that to and from school will participate in a bus evacuation drill and use the guidelines to mange emergency evacuation procedures 


Late Buses 

Late buses will be available Monday through Thursday at 4:00 pm and for all sports at 6:00 pm. A late bus will only be available Fridays at 6:00 pm. Bus Route Schedules can be obtained at the Assistant Principle’s office in room B-158 To board a late bus students should have a Blue or Green, signed “Late Bus Pass” from the teacher or administrator who dismissed the student. Students with late bus passes will have preference on boarding the bus first. All other students, including those being dismissed from all sports programs, will be seated after 

Parking Regulations 

Off Campus. When parking off school grounds, Voc-Tech students must obey all traffic laws and act respectfully and courteously to neighbors. Students are reminded not to block neighbors’ driveways park on neighbors’ lawn shout, use obscenities play loud music , litter , speed, park in private parking lots or disrupt the peace the peaceful atmosphere of residential neighborhoods bordering the school. Violations will be reported to police and may result in disciplinary action.

On Campus. Parking on school property is a privilege not a right. This is limited to students with a parking permit . Students without a parking permit  may not park on school grounds except on weekends, during school vacations, or when attending evening functions.

The following regulation must be obeyed:

  1. All automobiles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and must display a school issued parking permit on the left lower left hand corner or the back window on the driver’s side
  2.  Students may only park in students parking areas. Numbered spaces are for faculty and staff. Students are not allowed to park in these spaces. Parking spaces marked “visitor” are for guests of the school. Students are not allowed to park 
  3. Students must have a valid driver’s license and must be covered by insurance their car must properly registered. The student’s parents must submit a signed written statement indicating that the vehicle is properly insured for use by a teenaged driver
  4. Students must obey all junior operator license
  5. Students may not loiter in the parking lot and are not allowed to go to their cars during school hours.
  6. students mat not drive more than 5 miles per hours on school grounds and may not engage in any form of reckless driving.
  7. students and their passengers should adhere to the school’s smoking regulation
  8. students must keep their cars in the parking lot once they enter school grounds.
  9. students may not park cars at the rear of the building or in the back parking lot
  10. students may not work on their car in the school parking lot
  11. before taking a vehicle to any CVTE program area students must obtain a permission slip from the academy administrator for that CVTE program
  12. any student’s car being removed from the school’s parking lot by someone other than themself must notify security