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As we, GNBVT, are preparing our students to graduate every year, some will go to college, others will go straight to the work force instead of college, or do service in the military. Those who are already accepted and going to college might already know where they attend to study their next major to pursue their career. However, there are some students who don’t know what to do when college comes around, and how to get through their freshman year. 


Here are the TOP 10 tips to help you to have a good experience at College!

1. Know what you need for your college dorm

  • Go to your college’s website and to find a packing list
  • Every college has a packing list for undergraduates who plan to live on campus
  • Consider what you use at home daily, weekly basis

2. Get used to being on your own

If you are homesick, not used to being away from your home, and you don’t know anyone…Then develop a new support system for yourself. 



  • Basic cooking skills
  • How to do laundry
  • How to follow a routine

3. Find out what you want to study

  • Make sure to take classes
  • Talk to a professor about what they teach
  • Internships are helpful

4. Know when/how to get a job

If you had the experience of having a job throughout high school, then when the first semester starts, find a job as soon as you can. It can;

  • Help preserve your momentum
  • Keep you structured & motivated

For those who are planning to have their first job, wait a few weeks to understand your schedule, and adjust before adding a job to it. 

5. Search for good jobs for college students

  • Relating to Step 4, Flexibility is important when searching for a job, make sure you find helpful websites or talk to someone with good job experience to interest you in. 

6. Put yourself out there

  • Seek out extracurricular activities
  • Find people with who you share interests with
  • Growing & learning is always good to do with a friend

Being in an extracurricular can lead to making new friends if you don’t know anyone when you go to your college

7. Be prepared for your courses

  • Find someone who took the class previously, it would be a great way to learn about the class environment
  • Pay attention to your course checksheet
  • Be sure that you’re taking major-related courses before you take electives

8. Practice good habits

  • Maintain a good routine
  • Study well
  • Eat a balanced diet

These will help you stay in good health & make your college experience much easier

9. Learn to manage your finances

  • You are in charge of your finances
  • Start cataloging your spending with a simple spreadsheet
  • Understand money management
  • Begin saving

10. Remember it’s okay to ask for help

Your first year of college is sure to be overwhelming and full of new people, new places, and new experiences. It can be at times, but your professors and advisors are here to help you. Utilize the resources provided to you, and be sure to ask for tips for college when you need them. Remember that failure is a part of growth. Talking to your professors during their office hours or after class is a good thing to be comfortable with, even if you aren’t struggling with a course. Your professors may have some good tips for college, considering they’ve spent a good chunk of time as students themselves. The key to success is to keep your head up and keep moving forward. The best is yet to come.