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What Is Horticulture?

Horticulture is an elective class at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech that focuses on the art/practice of garden cultivation and management. The class teaches students how to grow plants, theories about plants, and much more.  Mr. Carl Swass is the only teacher that teaches the horticulture class.

In this class, Mr. Swass wants his students to learn and enjoy the fact that they can grow plants and watch the plants evolve over a short amount of time. He hopes that his students gain a basic knowledge of gardening and appreciation of the artfulness of the trade.

“There’s a little bit of history, science, and growing crops” says Mr. Swass.

During the past few cycles in Trimester  II, students conducted a lab about how decaying pine needles will stop the growth of new plants in the area.  Mr. Swass smiled when he was asked what conclusions he thought that they might find.  “I’m unsure what will happen, because the question the students are studying hasn’t even been solved by scientists, yet,” he replied.

To the students, this is a class where they learn about the plants of the world and how to take care of them.  One student said aloud during the a visit to the class, “Horticulture is important as people need to know how to grow crops for food and learn the cultivation of plants.”  Horticulture is a fun course with many opportunities to learn and grow. 

 For more information, if you are interested in taking this course in your future, please see your guidance counselors or visit Mr. Swass in room B331.