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On May 17th, 18th, and 19th the GNBVT Theater Company will be performing The One Act Play That Goes Wrong! This is a hilarious “whodunit” that has an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors that trip over everything, (including their lines). Despite what happens, they still make it to the curtain call. This Oliver-Award winning comedy is guaranteed to give you a good laugh! 
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a man in a blue suit next to a girl in a red dress going in for a kiss with their arms to the side
During the performance, which is a play within a play, disaster strikes upon the cast. This includes doors not opening, props falling off the walls, floors collapsing, misplacing props, forgetting lines, missing cues, breaking character, mispronouncing words, being hidden in a grandfather clock, stepping on fingers, being carried off stage, and more.


Ryan Wilder as Chris/Inspector Carter

Hannah Fraga as Sandra/Florence Colleymoore

Alex Dasilva as Max/Cecil Haversham

Coii Lefrancois as Dennis/Perkins

Kieth Kavanaugh as Jonathan/Charles Haversham

Trehan Correia as Robert/Thomas Colleymoore

Art Clark as Annie

Alyssa Costa as Taylor

Katelyn Costa as Tina

Samara Barrett-Grant in Ensemble

Erica Borden in Ensemble

Sadie Cardelli in Ensemble

Ava Forrand in Ensemble

Mckayla Gouveia in Ensemble

Chloe Hunt in Ensemble

Ravanigandha Mahabir in Ensemble


Samantha Chase

Ella DeMelo

Alexis Liberato

Mya Lopes-Silva

Michelle Mederios

Avah Mello

Sal Peters

Shamaine Prins

Sydney Raposo

Syncere Reed

Aubrey Rodrigues

Ava Toro

Makalya Vieria

Jaymey-Lea Weston

Ella Whitlow

a man in blue falling as the stage crew opens the door. a man in purple lays unconscious on the couch, a girl in a red dress stands outside the window, and 2 men (one in yellow, one in black with a mustache) stand shocked beside him