The math department has reached new developments in the program such as utilizing chrome books to add new learning opportunities in the classroom. With the new upgrades we will be able to use various amounts of programs to help meet each student’s needs and give mathematical help. Some of the new programs used are: Geogebra, IXL, and Khan Academy. In IXL, we have received exceptional results from 9th and 10th graders. 

Around 1,432,266 students have completed math problems using IXL. They have been mastering 8,934 skills in IXL, gaining proficiency in 32,719 skills and practicing 52.428 skills. We were able to make a ten week MCAS 2.0, thanks to working with the afterschool program.We use this MCAS program for our freshmen and sophomores. All of our questions for the students are technology embedded questions to replicate MCAS questions. 

We are proud of the efforts of the Math Department as their hard work and dedication has propelled the district scores to all-time highs for both achievement and growth

This year’s mock MCAs practice will still be using chrome books to mirror the actual MCAS exam. We have been able to reach an all time high for the districts scores. this program is meant to help your child be more proficient in mathematical equations and pacing yourself. our main goal of the math department is to enhance the mathematical skill our students have, self-skill, and self-paced learning.