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Tessa McMullen

Tessa Mcmullen

    Tessa McMullen teaches algebra to freshman, sophomore, and juniors at GNBVT. Her favorite part about being a high school teacher is meeting new people every year and building relationships with her students. “I do like to think that I try to go above and beyond to bond with my students,” McMullen stated. At first, GNBVT was a lot more difficult than she imagined. “It’s not just about teaching a student. It’s about reaching the student and meeting them on their level,” she explained when asked about the complexity of teaching. On her first official day at GNBVT, she was extremely nervous and overwhelmed. She felt that GNBVT was much different than the other schools she taught at such as Taunton High School, Appalachian State University and Fairhaven High School. Tessa McMullen attended Fairhaven High School. After, she attended UMASS Dartmouth, where she majored in math. A year later, she moved down to North Carolina and completed her master’s in math at Appalachian State University. Once doing so, she moved back to Massachusetts. Ms. McMullen also considered becoming a veterinarian or a pharmacist, but the amount of years in school that she would need to complete did not amuse her. Afterward realizing that being in school to become a teacher would take a lot longer than completing years to become anything else, although she enjoys her chosen profession. Outside of the workplace, McMullen likes to spend time with her seven nieces and nephews. She loves going to their sports events and entertaining them with fun activities. At home, she spends time with her Australian Shepherd named Cooper and tries to cut out television as often as possible to help her become a more active person. Overall, she enjoys the life she’s living and being able to do what she loves at school and with her family.

“I like to understand my students and I like them to understand me too.”