GNBVT Carpentry students are on Noah’s Team! Over the past couple of months, more than 30 junior students in our Carpentry program participated in part of the construction of the Team Noah playground located on Pope’s Island in Fairhaven, MA. This project was completed under direction of Mr. Goncalves, one of Voc-Tech’s carpentry instructors. The students were responsible for the wood framing of a state of the art ADA public restroom building at the Noah’s Playground. Part of the students’ task was to devote specific attention to the historically significant trim details provided by the architect. These restrooms are designed and constructed to meet everyone’s needs and are equipped with alarm systems and outdoor surveillance to keep everyone safe. Our students were glad to learn and practice valuable carpentry skills while helping out in the community. This project is just one of many ways that our Artisans are making an imprint.
Noah’s Playground is the largest fully handicap accessible playground in New England and is one of the largest in the country. “We wanted to do something that would help many families” Victor Fernandez, founder of the Team Noah Foundation said. “We want this to be a place for all kids to be part of a community. This is what started this project — we hope this will educate people in our area.” For more information about The Team Noah Foundation, you can visit its website at

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To see a video about Noah’s PlayGround,
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