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GNB Voc-Tech Staff is Keeping the Connection

GNB Voc-Tech Student to Teacher relationships are of utmost importance to the Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech community. This morning, teachers met with administration and department heads via the Zoom app to develop and roll out a communication plan between students and teachers.

Teachers sent out messages via Google Classroom and e-mail to ensure that the student-teacher connections are maintained during this difficult time. To be sure that learning continues during the school closure, enrichment activities in both academic and career and technical areas will be made available to students online through Google Classroom. Teachers are available to students via email during regular school hours for any questions or concerns that may come up.


For a list of staff and faculty email addresses, see the staff directory on our school’s website,  See the images below to see how to navigate there.

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Letter to Parents and Students

March 19, 2020

Dear GNBVT students and families,

We are writing at this time to provide students and parents an update on how Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech plans to continue educational services as we navigate our way through the state-mandated closure due to COVID-19.

At this time, Greater New Bedford Voc Tech is preparing student enrichment activities for all classes and plans to have these activities ready for Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Some activities will likely be ready sooner. These activities will be delivered in an online format and are designed to provide opportunities for students to continue to learn.

Earlier this week, the school issued a FAQ document that is continually being updated as necessary to ensure everyone has access to timely and accurate information. This FAQ can be found on our website – – and is also available through the GNB app. We urge you to regularly visit this document for any answers to questions you may have.

Trimester 2 Grades  While the trimester 2 grades closed last Friday, students should feel free to work with their teachers during this shutdown to address any work they would have been eligible to makeup had we been in school this week. Utilizing this time to redo or submit assignments that can positively impact student trimester 2 grades would be an excellent use of time. Reach out to your instructors who are available Monday-Friday during school hours to assist you.

Resources to continue student learning It is important for students to engage in enrichment activities daily throughout the closure. In addition to the resources that teaches will provide through their courses, the district plans to share resources to promote student learning throughout the closure. While students will not be graded on these enrichment activities, they will provide the format for students to strengthen and reinforce skills in preparation for the future. For 9th and 10th grade students, these exercises will continue to provide preparation for 10th grade state assessments. For 11th and 12th grade students, these exercises will continue to provide the opportunity for students to prepare for college or career pathway.

Co-Op Since school is closed, students are not required to report to their co-op jobs. Co-Op employers have been made aware of this and if a student chooses to report to their job at this time, it should be done with the permission of their parents/guardians and with the understanding that it is not required by the school. Either way, we encourage students to contact their employers to confirm their plans as this will foster strong communication skills essential to a strong work ethic later in life.

Access to Staff All staff members are available during regular school hours to respond to emails from students with any questions.

Guidance supports Counselors are also available via email during the closure and will connect with students remotely as needed to provide any necessary supports.

Special Education supports Special education staff will be working with general education staff and students to support learning during the closure. They can modify, differentiate, and provide supplemental tools to students to engage in the enrichment activities. If you have any questions related to Special Education, please email the Director of the Special Services at

EL supports ELL staff will be working with general education staff and students to support learning during the closure. They can provide supports to ensure English language learners have access to the curriculum materials. Enrichment resources can be differentiated to the appropriate language development levels of all EL students.

Our core values challenge us to prepare, be passionate, and persevere through challenging times. Unquestionably, this is one of those times. The COVID-19 pandemic must be taken seriously by all of us to ensure we all have a better outcome when it has passed. In addition to working on the enrichment activities our staff will provide, take care of yourselves and follow all recommended guidelines. We are all in this together – take care of yourself, check in with your family and friends, and practice social distancing recommendations. We will continue to provide updates to all in our community over the next few weeks. More information will follow early next week for students to access enrichment activities for their classes.


Michael P. Watson, Academic Principal       

Robert J. Watt, CVTE Principal

To download the information click below on the appropriate button for the version with the language of your preference.  If your preferred language is not translated below, then please use the google translation option on the top, black navigation bar.