Student handbook: The Student handbook is distributed on Day 1 cycle 1 at the beginning of the year from your Shop/exploratory or academic teachers. Replacement for the handbook can be obtained at either the Security or Main office for $5.

Clubs/Activities: The school offers a large of extra-curricular activities. Students are invited to sign up to participate. more information.

I.D. replacements: Students will not be charged for their first I.D. however there is a charge fee of $3.00 for a replacement.

Discipline: Students may receive a 10 day suspension and must adhere to the code of conduct set forth by the school district. if a student with a IEP has been suspended for 10 days, the school will provide sufficient services for the student to continue to receive a free and appropriate public education. It should be noted that section 504 disabled students are subject to the same disciplinary action as a non-disabled student, if the student’s behavior is not a manifestation of his/her qualifying disability. See page 37 in the handbook for more information.