Kara Koska, Dental Assisting

Class of ’22

Kara Koska for Skills USA

What are your future plans?After graduation, I plan on going to college to pursue a degree in accounting.  My goal is to work in the financial industry.

How did you get into Skills USA? – I became a member of SkillsUSA my freshman year when I attended the 2018 Fall State Leadership Conference.  After my first event, I knew SkillsUSA was for me!  My freshmen year, I competed in Career Choice Commentary and earned a bronze medal at the State competition.  Then, in my junior year, I served as the State Secretary.  Currently, I serve as the State President. 

What intrigues you most about Skills USA? – The opportunities within SkillsUSA is what intrigues me the most about the organization. As it strengthens its mission to make its members world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens, SkillsUSA creates a world of opportunity for its members to grow both personally and professionally.