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Jada Star Sanchez

Class of ’25

Jada-Star-Sanchez SkillsUSA Member of the Month for May

Engineering & Robotics

As for my short-term goals, I’d love to continue to be active in the school community, such as being a part of the theatre company as well as SkillsUSA. I also plan to expand my learning in academic and shop areas and maintain a good GPA.  After high school, I plan to continue my education at a four-year college with a major in Aerospace Engineering. I will go for my bachelor’s degree to eventually get a job working with space and aircraft technology.

I got introduced to the SkillsUSA competitions through my parents, who were previously students at GNBVT in nursing and carpentry. They both competed in SkillsUSA when they were in school and they thought it would be a great idea for me to compete. So, I got in touch with multiple teachers about these competitions and got more information which lead me to the final decision that this was definitely the right opportunity for me. I met with Mr. Quintin and went to more public speaking meetings after school and I got chosen to be on the freshman team to represent our school.

The aspect that intrigues me most about SkillsUSA is that it really gives a great opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. Even at my first competition, I met some of the most amazing people that I still talk to today from different vocational schools. SkillsUSA brought out good qualities in me that I wasn’t sure I had, such as being outgoing and more social around new people.