Good afternoon, Seniors!

We are working on cleaning out lockers which will be done by both Assistant Principal’s and the security team. We will need ALL seniors to complete the survey regardless if they use their locker or not. Please be sure to use your school email address in the form and continue to check your school email address for any further updates.

If you could kindly complete the form by this Thursday, May 21st, it would be greatly appreciated.

It should not take any longer than a few minutes to complete. Once completed, the responses we receive will greatly assist in facilitating the plan for items to be retrieved. Information on the pick-up of items and drop-off of school items will be shared in the next few weeks as we gather this data from you.

Thank you for your assistance with complete the survey as soon as possible. We are thinking of each and every one of you during this time. Keep up the great work with the remote learning!