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Governor Baker signed a proclamation declaring Friday May 1st as “School Lunch Hero Day”.  He would like to thank and acknowledge our cafeteria workers who have been providing lunches for students on a daily basis.

Greater New Bedford Voc- Tech would like to thank all the cafeteria workers who are serving the students in our area of Greater New Bedford. So many students in the area rely on school for breakfast and lunch.  Cafeteria workers are so dedicated to ensuring that no student goes without, particularly in these times.   It is unsung heroes like these that make our community so special.

Thank you from all of us at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech! 

Learn more from about these frontline heroes from The New Bedford Standard Times reporter Aimee Chiavaroli’s article:

School lunch workers are ‘Frontline heroes’ who deliver for children

GNB Voc-Tech would also like to recognize our daily heroes that serve our students regularly during the school year.

GNB Voc-Tech Cafeteria Team (in alphabetical order)

⇒ Lisa Begley
⇒ Jeryl Bertoldo
⇒ Karen Brum
⇒ Sandra Camara
⇒ Susan Casteel
⇒ Cynthia Cunha
⇒ Susanne DaSilva
⇒ Elaine Dube
⇒ Deborah Fernandes
⇒ Tara Jo Luiz
⇒ Cynthia Kroudvird
⇒ Tara Landreville
⇒ Lori Lima
⇒ Diane Pimental
⇒ Jessica Racine
⇒ Donna Rogers
⇒ Carolyn Sansoucy
⇒ Melissa Souza