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If you need financial assistance for college tuition, scholarships can reward you for your hard work and academic achievements! Apply to as many that pertain to you. There are some listed below, but you can also research for even more. There is a scholarship for anything and anyone out there!


Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to eligible students. Also, a $500 scholarship will be awarded based on need and special circumstances.   Click here to download the Massachusetts JCI Senate Scholarship Application.

St. Anne’s Credit Union is offering 11 high school seniors $1,000. Click here to download the St Annes Credit Union Application.

Scholarships of $1,000 to each selected winner will be awarded upon completion of their first semester. Click here to download the Club Madeirense SS Sacramento Charitable Foundation Scholarship Application.

Up to $20,000 will be awarded to outstanding Massachusetts high school seniors who want to be students of environmental studies. Click here to download the Henry David Thoreau Scholarship 

Assistance for students, from low to middle-income families, who have a strong academic record. Click here to download the Red Pine Scholarship Application.

Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts is offering 60 students scholarships worth $400k for students and adults who are adults pursuing advanced degrees to enhance their professional careers,  Click here and go to the scholarship tab.

Ten $2,500 scholarships to be awarded to recognize and reward exceptional high school students in our market area for academic achievement and community involvement.  Click here to download the Rockland Trust Scholarship Application.

$500 will be awarded to qualified seniors who plan to attend a 2 or 4-year college program. Click here to download the The Rebekah Assembly of Massachusetts Application.

The AMHS has designated five scholarships to be awarded to high school seniors or first time freshman applicants who will be enrolled in an undergraduate college program during the next academic year. Click here to download the Azorean Maritime Heritage Application.

$500 will be awarded to 6 seniors graduating in 2019 who write an essay about how their field of study will be beneficial to people who have Multiple Sclerosis. Click here to download the The Susana Viera Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Scholarship Application.

Voc-Tech’s Scholarship Committee selects winners based on the applicant’s merit. Click here to download the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School Application.

A college book award in the amount of $500 will be awarded to a high school senior graduating in 2019. Click here to download the New Bedford Civil War Round Table Scholarship Application.

Any graduating senior who is a resident of the Greater New Bedford area will be awarded as long as they are of some Portuguese descent. Click here to download the Prince Henry Society of Mass Scholarship Application.

A graduating senior will be awarded if they submit a short essay explaining why they chose their field of study. Click here to download the South Coast Health St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary “Health Career Scholarship” Application.

This scholarship application must be returned to Mrs. deAlmeida in the Guidance Office by the due date. Click here to download the First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union Application.

Barbara Whitehead Silva Scholarship applicants must have a parent/guardian who is a member of First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union. The Champion Family Scholarship is available only to immediate family members of First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union Champion account holders. Click here to download the First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union “ The Barbara Whitehead Silva Scholarship “ Application.

To encourage preparation in the healthcare field, Hawthorn Medical Associates is offering a $3,000 scholarship.  Click Here for the Hawthorn Medical Associates.

An applicant from East Fairhaven will be awarded $500. Click here to download the East Fairhaven Improvement Association Scholarship Application.

Applicants from New England who are attending a college anywhere in the United States will be awarded if they apply, submit a formal essay, submit a few short responses, and a resume. Click here to download The Stephen Philips Memorial Scholarship Application.

All Fairhaven residents attending Private, Parochial, Vocational or Agricultural High Schools, who are in their senior year are eligible. Click here to download the Livesey Club Scholarship Application.

Applicants may be awarded $1,000. Click here to download the B. Davis Scholarship Application.

Applicants in some sport at their high school may be awarded $500. Click here to download the Big Sun Scholarship Application.

The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors who write an essay on personal educational career and life goals and the plans you have to achieve it. Go to or click here for the Abbott & Fenner Scholarship application.

Applicants who submit a 5-minute video on “Be the change you want to see” have a chance to win $1000. Click here to download The Julie Queler Scholarship Application.