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Career Majors Opportunities

With an enrollment of over two thousand students from our sending communities of New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven, GNB Voc-Tech students experience a unique high school education that blends academic instruction with career and technical education and training.  Through their course of study, students wishing to pursue post-secondary education or advanced technical training are able to meet all of the requirements necessary for them to be admitted to state colleges and universities, most private colleges, or technical schools.  

As you slide through our 4 Career and Technical Academies (Agriculture & Construction; Legal, Life Sciences, & Health Services; Consumer Services, Information, & Transportation; and Arts & Manufacturing), you will see that our students can choose from 30 career majors.  The career and technical skills that our students acquire give them a competitive advantage when entering the workforce or advancing their education.

Agriculture & Construction

Carpentry / Painting and Design
The Carpentry Program prepares students for employment in construction. Initially, students are taught the basic use of hand tools and begin project work to sharpen woodworking skills. The Painting & Design program seeks to give students a wide array of skills that will reflect a strong creative work ethic.
Electrical Technology
Students entering into the Electrical Technology program must possess good math skills and mechanical aptitude. They must also demonstrate the ability to work with abstract concepts.
Environmental Science
Provide students with the skills needed to pursue a career in a diverse range of technical areas.
Heating and Air Conditioning
The HVAC-R Appliance (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration & appliance technology) industry is one of the faster growing, high-paying career paths an individual could choose.
The ongoing new construction, remodeling, and repairing of plumbing and pipe fitting creates additional demand for hiring more plumbers and pipe fitters.

Legal, Life Sciences & Service

The mission of the Culinary Arts program is to offer high-quality multifaceted education to prepare students for employment in the food service industry or post secondary education. Students are exposed to a majority of basic tasks in actual live industrial conditions.
Dental Assisting
The Dental Assistant program provides students with an overview of dental assisting and gives them experience in the dental field.
Early Childhood Education
An early childhood education student is an individual with an interest in working with young children in a classroom setting. Initially, ninth graders and sophomore students are assigned to train in GNB Voc-Tech’s Development Laboratory Pre School.
Legal & Protective Services
The legal and protective services field provides students with an in depth course of study in law and criminal justice. The Program prepares students to enter the workforce in the area of public safety and the legal profession.
Medical Assisting
In the Medical Assistant program, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to gain successful employment in a medical office, hospital, and clinic or related health care setting.
Nurse Assisting/Health Assisting
The Nurse Assisting/Health Assisting program provides a variety of educational experiences that prepare students for a position in the fast-growing health field.

Consumer Services, Information & Transportation

Automotive Technology
The Automotive Technology program provides instructional training for students to strategically diagnose problems and repair the automobile. Automotive technicians must become highly skilled and technically oriented to repair the complex systems which make up the latest automobile unit.
Business Technology
The strong emphasis placed on career planning is intended to guide students to challenging fields in which significant growth is anticipated by the U.S. Labor Department over the next ten years.
Collision Repair Technology
Utilizing the I-CAR Advanced Tech Curriculum, students gain skills in metal straightening, unitized body and frame alignment and straightening, refinishing, paint mixing, color matching, customizing, plastic repair, welding (oxyacetylene and MIG), plasma cutting, suspension, wheel alignment, and collision repair electronics.
Students receive hands-on experience in a real-life environment, as well as related theory instruction in a classroom setting.
Diesel Service Technology
The development of a viable Diesel training program will solve a multitude of shortcomings in the Diesel field. Technical training will enable companies to add to the expertise of their staff members by being able to hire local students at an entry level position.
Fashion Design
The Fashion Design career and technical program prepares students for work or continuing education related to apparel design and manufacturing, fashion marketing and merchandising and the retail business.
Information Technology
IT careers involve the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia and systems integration services.
Information Support Services & Networking
Students will learn how to begin a career in information technology as a personal computer service technician and network administrator.
Programming & Web Development
Students who specialize in Programming and Web Development concentrate on creating software and Web applications.

Arts & Manufacturing

Architectural Design
Architectural Drafters draw architectural and structural features of buildings and other structures, and may specialize in a type of structure, such as residential or commercial.
 Architectural & Mechanical Design
The CAD-Drafting curriculum is designed to promote understanding and application of the graphical language used in technical drawings.
Engineering & Robotics
The Engineering Technology Program is a certified Project Lead the Way pre-engineering program. Project Lead The Way Inc. (PLTW) is a national program forming partnerships among Public Schools, Higher Education Institutions and the Private Sector to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists.
Machine Technology
A machinist is a skilled worker who shapes metal and non-metal parts by using a large variety of machine and hand tools to produce a required product. The demand for skilled machinist, tool makers, and trades people with computerized machining skills is increasing.
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Drafting is grouped with professional, technical, and managerial occupations, including those concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine, education, and management.
Media Technology
Media Technology is a four-year program designed for students planning careers in communications.
Welding Technology
Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies students receive comprehensive instruction in oxy-fuel (gas) welding, oxy-fuel cutting operations, oxy-fuel brazing, plasma cutting, TIG welding, MIG welding, and the air carbon arc process.
Stationary Engineering
A major responsibility of the Stationary Engineering student is to construct an entire heating system.
Visual Design
Visual Design is a four-year program that prepares students with skills needed to excel in graphic design, advertising design, technical illustration, 2-D and 3-D design, drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography.


Students at GNB Voc-Tech experience an education which blends academic instruction with career and technical education. They can choose from more than two dozen career majors.

Through this course of study, students wishing to pursue a higher education are able to meet all of the academic requirements necessary for them to be admitted into state colleges and universities as well as most private colleges. Additionally, the vocational skills that they acquire give them a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.