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Reminder: it is important that the students must be kept in a safe environment and comply to the rules of GNB Voc-Tech. Vaping will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Be aware of its long term effects on the lungs and other side effects. Cameras are set up in all areas of the school, it is advised to keep any vape mods, juuls, pens, etc. away from school grounds. In school, students are here to learn and build their future. See handbook; page 47.

Social Media Awareness: It is best advised to keep social media followers to a minimum, and maintain a small circle of influence. Also, if you would not say something to someone’s face, do not type and send it online. Bullying is not tolerated. See handbook; page 32.

ID’s: Students must be wearing their green ID lanyards at all times to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. ID’s are used for student identification, and must be used as instructed. If lost purchase a new one. See handbook; page 41.

Electronic Devices: Phones, IPods, music players, smartwatches, etc. should be used appropriately. During school hours they should be shut off or on silent, and are not to be used in classes or hallways. See handbook; page 31.

Dress Code: Students should dress appropriately for academics and gym, and follow their individual shop dress codes and uniforms. See handbook; page 45.

Outside guest form: If a outside individual(Parent, Guardian, Relative, etc.) is on the 10A form, make sure they come in with a photo ID. 

Cafeteria organization: Cutting in line, throwing food running, fooling around, or being unnecessarily noisy will not be tolerated. See handbook; page 49-50.