The 4th annual viewing of Romeo and Juliet for the freshmen class has begun. The Boston Theatre Company performed an hour-long performance in the auditorium today and will have another performance for the alternate cycle on May 20th (Day 3, Cycle 28). The freshmen read and studied the infamous Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, which is a requirement for all freshmen. After the performance, the students had the opportunity to ask the actors any questions they may have.

The Boston Theatre Company adapts themselves to any stage and audience by bringing just enough costumes and props for an area of any size. For their performance of Romeo and Juliet, they had 6 cast members play 13 different roles in the show. The actors made the show enjoyable for everyone by adding humor and audience participation. They modernized it and made a contemporary Shakespearean version by having female cast members also play male roles, as well as female roles.

The performance was a great experience for this cycle’s freshmen and we’re excited to see them again with the alternate freshmen cycle.