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Return to Full Person Learning
We received regulation from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for all High Schools that the Hybrid learning model will no longer count toward Student Learning Time. Consistent with our cycle calendar, Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech will be returning to full in-person learning for cycle 25 on Monday, May 10th. Please be aware of the following: Students who are currently full-remote for shop (Edgenuity), will continue in the full-remote model through the end of the current school year. Students currently reporting for in-person shop will return to in-person academics as of May 10th. Any student who is currently reporting in-person for shop, and elects to not return to in-person academics will be enrolled in the Edgenuity full-remote model for the remainder of the current school year; it is important to note that students moving to this model, will not have a Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech shop instructor. If choosing this model, you must contact Mr. Helder Angelo at ext. 678 or Mr. Robert Watt at ext. 674 by 3:00pm today.