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As we wish our colleagues congratulations on their retirement, we also want them to know their impact and what a blessing it has been working together throughout their tenure.  What they have achieved and given has made quite an impact on the school, community, and most importantly, our students. Thank you for your passion and dedication.  We wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and adventurous next journey! 

Our 2021 retirees, in alphabetical order . . .

Daleann Awalt, HVAC Instructor

Lucia Garcia, Administrative Secretary

Steve Johansen, Mechanical Design Instructor

Pauline O’Brien, Medical Assisting Instructor

Sharon Pinho, Library Media Specialist

Arthur Trahan, Machine Tech. Instructor

Karen Brum, Cafeteria Worker

Steven Jeronimo, Teaching Assistant

Jeffrey Liborio, Groundskeeper

James O’Brien, Superintendent-Director

Mark Thornhill, Teaching Assistant & Track Coach

Heidi Walsh, Co-op Coordinator

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