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Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech hosted Dr. Adolph Brown III for its Sophomore and Junior students. This amazing speaker is one of the most unique, passionate, and inspiring presenters for all to watch. Students and staff, alike, were engrossed in Dr. Brown’s message from the moment he walked in.  Dr. Brown has the reputation of being “The World’s Greatest Edu-tainer!™” and completely lived up to his reputation. His direct and powerful “Real Talk” made everyone think about their aspirations and what distracts someone from their goals and what it takes to achieve more than what someone originally planned.

In his unique way, Dr. Brown entered the presentation and surprised everyone with his message of “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.”  Dr. Brown reminded all students that they should not believe everything that they think. He explained how sometimes our thoughts can limit our growth, understanding of one another if one does not take the time to analyze our way of thinking before we act or speak, and the definition of an empathy gap and how it’s more important to be kind than perfect.

Dr. Brown skillfully connected to the students, because he had an outgoing, wacky, and honest energy. He shared some of the darkest points in his life like being raised by a single parent, losing his brother to murder, living in poverty in an inner city that was influenced by gangs, drugs, and violence, and how he evolved from all the negativity to become the man that he is today. He also shared some metaphors about what type of person to be and how to let go of personal baggage. Dr. Brown gave key pieces of advice like his “3 E Rule,” which means that you can either be Enrolled, Enlisted, or Employed when you graduated. He also told the audience about his grandfather’s belief that nothing will help you go further in this world than being a good listener. He was direct about his stance that using substances can affect the mind and how the brain communicates.

His love, genuine spirit, and dynamic smile brought hope to the students about their future and their current situations in life. He inspired students to stop looking for their enemy, but rather fix their “inner me.”

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