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Reading is a huge part of one’s daily life it plays an important role as practically everything we do involves reading from that cooking recipe you found online used to make dinner last night to instruction manuals for furniture or the book you’ve recently picked up. It benefits the brain and can help or entertain you in so many ways. So why not you read books? 

Maybe you find yourself saying something like “I don’t have the time or patience to” or “they’re boring” and so on. These are all completely valid reasons we as people do have interests and jobs and such. But also have you looked into different ways of consuming literature? For those who often find themselves too busy to sit and read or can’t sit still long enough to even focus on it. Have you considered maybe the alternative of listening to the audio instead? OR those who find themselves bored with most books bored maybe the plot is uninteresting or dull. Maybe you’re looking into the wrong genres or even reading the wrong formatting of work entirely. Too many words, you might think to yourself or something else. Have you considered comics? 

There are so many ways to consume literature when it comes to trying to get some more ‘reading’ into your lives. So let’s talk about it. 


To start let’s talk about genres, there are so many different genres out there you can really find anything you’re looking for to list a few we got: 

  • Fairytales
  • Adventure
  • Autobiography
  • Tall tales
  • Fables 
  • Western 
  • Non-fiction
  • History 

There are many more than what I just mentioned and then you can even combine genres like sci-fi and romance or horror in a fantasy world. You also have different ways you can take in all of these genres.

Now that you know all these things you might be wondering where you find any of it? For your books, comics, and graphic novels you can find them in places like your local libraries, school library, bookstores, and stores in general. Though I must urge you to go to your local library as they do so much for our communities and being able to support them in any way is always great. And to remember they keep more than books. 

You can if you’d like also these online too on certain apps or websites but they usually tend to be behind a paywall though and not everything is online. Podcasts and audiobooks are typically always online. Unless I mean if someone burns it to their CD or something. You can find these on most streaming platforms for music, sites for books, youtube, and such some you’ll have to pay for some you won’t it all depends on where you’re looking and exactly what you’re looking for.