Program Advisory Members

Program Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC committee meets a minimum of twice a year typically in October and April.  These committees consist of experts in their trade areas and representatives from higher education, Person with Disabilities, Racial or Linguistic Minorities, Non-Traditional by Gender, Organized Labor, Registered Apprenticeships, Parent/Guarding, and Students.

The responsibility of PAC is to advise, assist and support school personnel in order to improve planning, operation, and evaluation in its program area.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise and assisting us in shaping our students’ future, we are looking for you to join. 


Program Advisory members attending the spring 2022 dinner/meeting.

⊕ Chairperson

Automotive Technology

Mr. Arthur Glassman
Mr. Frank Gracia
Mr. Abel Leite
Mr. Tom Menchi
Mr. Paul Rocha
Mr. John Viera

Culinary Arts

Mr. Richard Romero
Ms. Katie Lima
Mr. Brandon Roderick
Mr. Devin Byrnes
Ms. Gloria Cabral
Ms. Jessica Arruda
Mr. Adam Boudreau
Mr. Paul Boudreau
Ms. Pamela Bouderau

Electrical Technology

Mr.  Marc Frey ⊕
Mr.  Christopher O’Neil P.E.
Mr. Robert  Revil
Mr. Robert  Whitlow
Mr. George Sylvia

Business Technology

Ms. Karen Enroth
Ms. Carol Martin


Ms. Dawn Malaguti/Oyenuga

Dental Assisting

Mrs. Denia Branco ⊕
Mrs. Melissa Leite
Mrs. Sarah Nunes
Dr. Jauna Souza-Quatrano
Dr. Fernanda Becker-Cabral

Engineering Technology

Mr. Jonathan Cadieux
Mr. Mikeljon Freitas
Mr. David Fredette
Mr. Norman Fredette
Ms. Kylie  Laurenco
Mr. Raymond Laoulache
Mr. Michael McNamara
Ms. Katelyn Remy


Mr. Jason Delgado
Mr. Robert Furtado ⊕
Mr.  Mark Leary
Mr. Donald Poineau
Mr. Nathan Silva
Mr. Silvestre Silva
Miss Kacy Sousa

Diesel Service Technology

Mrs. Lynn Bobrowiecki
Mr. Scott Boydson
Mr. Austin DaPonte
Mr. Zack English
Mr.  Al Fidalgo

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Mr. Gabe Teixeira
Mr.  David DaCista
Mr. Kenny DeMelo
Mr. James Gardiner ⊕
Ms. Gracinda Knox
Mr.  Martin Kawa

Collision Repair Technology

Mr. Kenneth Loranger ⊕
Mr. Russ Brillo
Mr. David Pacheco


Mrs. Rochelle Borges
Mr. Steve Horsfall
Mr. Andrew Medeiros ⊕
Ms. Rebecca Szwaja
Mr. Derek Vieira

Legal & Protective Services

Chief Richard Arruda
Capt. Derek Belong
Chief Paul Oliveira
Mr. Bruce Duarte
Ms. Jasmyn Duarte
Officer Leanne Fisher ⊕
Ms. Kelly Haggerty
Ms. Barbara Lipsett

Computer Information Support

Mr. Theodore Dawson ⊕
Ms. Carolina Serpa
Ms. Hanna Romao

Early Childhood Education

Ms. Sandy Davis
Ms. Raegan Docca
Ms.  Shari Pacheco
Ms.  Melissa Rodrigues
Ms. Addison Stanley
Ms. Krystal St. Louis-Correia


Ms. Ann O’Leary

Machine Technology

Mr. Chip Jones
Mr. Thomas Anthony
Mr.  Kenneth Chainay
Ms. Paula Chainay
Mr. Kevin Mello
Mr. David Francis
Mr. Kalib Ducharme
Mr. Nicholas Ducharme
Mr. Daniel Ducharme

Metal Fabrication and Joining

Mr. Robert Cook
Mr. Jeffrey Cook
Mr. Dennis Desrosiers
Mr. Joseph Figueiredo
Mr. Maurice Lemieux ⊕
Mr. Gilbert  Mendez Jr.
Mr. Michael Murphy Jr.
Mr. Michael Murphy Sr.

Stationary Engineering

Mr. Dylan Cajuda
Ms. Celia Cajuda
Mr. Joshua Cardoso
Mr. Kevin Crimi
Mr. Joseph Dawicki III
Mr. Eric Nadeau
Mr. Gary Pavao
Mr. Jason  Henriques
Mr. Jaylon Todman

Marine Technology

Mr. Joseph Domingos
Mr. Andy Herlihy
Mr.  Randall Medeiros ⊕
Ms. Laura Orleans
Mr.  Mike  Yorsto
Chief Kevin Moynahan
Mr. Rick  Porteus

Nurse/Health Assisting

Ms. Cheryl Thompson
Ms. Alyssa Loranger
Mr. Daniel Escoto
Ms. Carmen Martinez
Ms. Lori Ann Medeiros ⊕
Ms. Karen Floyd
Ms.  Laura Ribeiro
Ms.  Laura Sousa
Ms.  Ashley Underwood
Mr. Matthew Whitlow


Mrs. Naomi Carney
Ms.  Linda Morad
Mr.  Scott Lima
Mr. Joseph Lopes
Mr.& Mrs. Michael Shea
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Durrigan
Ms. Kimberli Bettencourt
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Oliveira
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Toomey
Dr. Cynthia Marland

Media Technology

Ms. Sonia  Amaral
Mr. William Bond ⊕
Mr. Peter Chasse
Mr. John Methia
Ms. Ashleigh Mota-Medeiros


Mr. Chad Brown
Mr. Larry Lemieux
Mr. Ed Majewski
Mr. Joshua Pell ⊕
Mr. Manuel Pereira
Mr. Paul St. Pierre
Mr. James Sullivan

Title I

Mrs. Marylou Clarke

Medical Assisting

Ms.  Natalie Cabral
Miss Jacqueline  De Pina
Ms.  Jackie Desrosiers
Mrs. Alyson Goncalves
Ms. Diane Grota
Mrs.  Michele Rodrigues-Belong
Mr. Richard Russell
Ms.  Jill Russell
Mrs. Luisa Sharkey
Mr. Christopher Sharkey

Programming & Web Development Special Services

Maria Angelo
Ms. Amy Baldwin
Ms. Christine Olmeda
Ms. Sheri Tetrault

Visual Design

Mr. Roger Andrews ⊕
Ms. Nadine Flowers
Miss Sara Gifford
Ms. Terry  Medeiros
Ms. Sara Medeiros
Miss Madeline  Peach
Ms. Kaylee Tillson
Ms. Helene Tillson
Mr. Joseph Thomas