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Woman In Law Enforcement

by: Nicholas Dauphin

Officer Leanne Fisher is our school resource officer at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical High School. Officer Fisher has been a major member of the community over at GNBVT and continues to create a safe and positive environment for the students and faculty. She’s present in the lives of the students and often talks to them in a friendly and respectful manner. From directing traffic in the morning outside of the school to ensuring student’s safety to being a connection inside the school when complicated situations arise, Officer Fisher does it all.​

Officer Leanne Fisher holding a 2016 School Resource Officer Of The Year Award in her outfit.

Officer Fisher is a mother of three children and is happily married. She was born and raised in the city of New Bedford and believes it is the best place one could ever be (despite what others say). She was born and raised in public housing, and this drove her to want to help others and improve her family’s lifestyle.  That is why she became a police officer.   She lives by the golden rule, developed by Confucius, to treat others the way you want to be treated.

In the role of a school resource officer, Officer Fisher has many roles … to mentor, to be a deterrent, maintain a happy face/a smile, and be there as a resource to family, students, staff, and faculty at all times in order to maintain a safe environment for all. School resource officers are on campus to make sure the school is safe and without drugs or weapons, to maintain order and to curtail disciplinary issues before they happen or escalate, such as fighting in the school, both physically and verbally. At GNBVT, the security team handles everything else, as they handle restorative disciplinary practices under school rules and state guidelines.

The Coolest Officer Around

Officer Leanne Fisher giving probably the best speech the world has ever heard of.
Officer Leanne Fisher with several students with signs looking extra cool.

A day in the life of a school resource Officer. She arrives at 7:00 a.m. and is one of the first faces the students see upon arrival in the parking lot. Rain or shine, she has a bright smile and is in the parking lot maintaining safety, order, and enforced road laws. When students pull into the school, she wants to give them a “great good morning”. She says good morning to every student as they come in to make the students feel more comfortable at school, and they know no matter what they’re going through, they will come enter a positive environment at school. As the students walk around the school, she’s there guiding them and making conversation with the students. Asking about their day, how they are, etc. She’s been at GNBVT for about 14 years now, and many of the students come up to her come up to her just to engage in a conversation. She helps students with getting contact with agencies, help with any domestic violence reports, advocates at the station, or any other help they may need.

When I asked Officer Fisher about the impact this position has had on her life, she will often remember the story of a young lady that was struggling at home, not getting along with her mother or any of her 2 siblings. This young lady went to Officer Fisher and said, “Officer Fisher, I just need you to say Good Morning to me every day because that’s how I know everything’s going to be ok.”  These little moments in a person’s life can be so significant, and it struck Officer Fisher about the impact of her daily role.  She also recognizes the connections that she makes with students and how it is essential in times of crisis.  Officer Fisher recalls one story where there was a runaway and had been gone for more than 10 days.  When this person was found, they told the juvenile detectives that the only person they would speak to was Officer Fisher.

I know why … I believe that Officer Fisher makes meaningful relationships with the students and they know she is a resource and only wants what is best for them. 

"Officer Fisher was such a new, but confusing face to see. As a person who's family always had a complicated relationships with Police, she showed me that not all cops are power hungry. But that some want to give back to the community."

Anonymous Student

"Mrs. Fisher? Yeah, she's pretty cool."

Anonymous Student

"Man, I love Mrs. Fisher."

Anonymous Student

My final story is about our graduates.  At least four of the GNB Voc-Tech alumni have become New Bedford Police Officers. They go to her and thank her for all that she has done, how she has showed them the best in Police Officers, and now these alumni are very happy to be in the career due to her inspiration. 

Officer Fisher shows all of those around her what it means to be a good Police Officer. To care for people, to take care of people, to save the lives of people as the New Bedford Police Department once did for her.

Officer Leanne FIsher giving the best thumbs up the world has ever seen in front of a crowd of children.

Thank you, Officer Fisher!