GNBVT #positivesignthursday

APRIL 9, 2020

 “Stay home.   Stay active.  Stay healthy.”


Positive Sign Thursday is Back, You create Your Own PosterOne thing we can be sure of is that we all miss #positivesignthursday. During this time of uncertainty, positivity is one way we can be sure to connect with one another. GNB Voc-Tech encourages you to design, create and share your own positive signs with us!


What to do:
  1. Create your own sign with the theme, “Stay home, stay active, stay healthy”
  2. Take a picture holding your sign (remember no hand gestures or headphones in the picture)
  3. Post your photos and use the hashtag #positivesignthursday
  4. Share your photos via direct message to our Instagram page
  5. Watch the positivity spread!