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We as a society tend to spend lots of time on our electronic devices whether for fun or work for us, it’s school especially and soon enough work. The average student in school in Massachusetts spends almost 7 hours at school every day. That’s a long time to be sitting down and to be on something with a screen with the recent surge of students now having school-mandated Chromebooks. This is bad because we as a species aren’t built to be sat down, especially in front of something like a computer for long periods. So let’s talk about it and how to help our bodies feel a bit better about it.


Having a good workflow is excellent but also taking breaks and stretching are even better for long-term you. Your work isn’t going anywhere but your body is so we have to take care of it. To start let’s talk about posture. Your posture is really important it can affect your health more than you think too. Having poor posture causes your muscle to work more than needed it causes you unnecessary pain and discomfort in areas like your back, and neck while leaving you feeling fatigued. While having a good posture will leave you feeling quite the opposite. It also affects how people view you socially. 

When you’re trying to fix your posture a rigid feeling doesn’t mean better it should come naturally and comfortably. You want your ankles to align with your hips, your hips to align with your shoulders, and the holes of your ears to align with the middle of your shoulders.  Your correct posture won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s correct posture but they’ll be similar. When sitting in a chair you want everything bent at a 90-degree angle and your ears to align with your shoulders and feet flat on the ground. Who knows maybe if you keep up the good posture you’ll notice some positive changes in your day-to-day life.

Next up is stretching, regularly stretching your body can benefit you in so many ways especially when you sit in often the same position all day with liminal movement. Stretching often in between work will help relieve tension within the body, and reduce your muscles and head aching. Maybe it’ll even help you feel a little more lively and get that productive flow back. If you are looking into wanting to stretch I’d look HERE because I think their visuals give you a sort of clear image of what to do and in almost all of them you do not have to leave your desk which can disrupt others if you did. Or you can google something along the lines of “stretches to do in the office” because there are so many different types of stretching you can do and for you to find out what works best for you. 

Lastly is our vision, when sitting down at your desk and working all day in front of that screen the light from it is hurting your eyes. Computers give off blue light, the screen has higher contrast, and glare which tires and strains your eyes. Blue light is a part of the light spectrum humans can see.  Staring at the screen all day strains your eyes and irritates the muscles within them. It also leaves you unrestful when going to bed tonight, gives you headaches, and drys out eyes, To avoid this make sure to take regular breaks from your screen, get blue light glasses, spend at least a minimum of an hour, and positioning your monitor properly in front of you can make a difference.

With that being said you should turn your brightness down right now and sit up a bit straighter so make sure to keep your body in check because, in the end, it’s the only one you got.