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Special Needs Financial Planning is planning for two generations. Many children with disabilities must be supported their entire lives, even long after their parents have died. Our approach reaches beyond the limited boundaries of Wills and Trusts to provide you with a road map to address your own family’s Special Needs.

Planning for Two Generations centers upon a timeline that highlights the various planning pressure points where parents should be aware for changes relating to their child’s benefits, legal and financial issues. The primary focus is to help parents avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in their own planning.

In addition, the discussion will also cover the ABLE account and its potential role in planning for your child.

Special Services

Erin Ptaszenski 2019

Erin Ptaszenski
Director of Special Services
Extension: 700
Room: J136

Catherine Feno

Catherine Feno
 Administrative Assistant
Extension: 748
Room: J135

As mandated by state and federal law, Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech provides services for identified students. These include:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of student needs.
  • Testing and monitoring.
  • Developing and implementation of individual education plans.
  • Provision for a range of educational services.
  • Delivering services in the least restrictive environment.
  • Opportunity for significant parental involvement.
  • Speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy (Consultant Basis).
  • Social skills training.


Alexis Bates – Liaison – J137 –

Jennifer Borden — Sign Language Interpreter — J135 –

Michael Cabral – Liaison – B333 –

Jennifer Calvao – Special Education Facilitator – J137 –

Rob DaSilva – Liaison – B333 –

Alex Dias – Liasion – B213b  –

Michael Dicroce – Paraprofessional – J135 –

Nan Groebe – Liaison – B333 –

Hilary Owen – Liaison – J137 –

Kenneth Hines – School Psychologist – B164 –

Julia Martinho – Liaison – B333 –

Randy Medeiros – Paraprofessional – J135 –

Michael Meriano – Liaison – B213b –

Anita Pacheco – Liaison – J137 –

Patricia Potter – Liaison – B213b –

Adam Rogers – Liaison – B213b –

Monica Richard – Liaison – B333 –

Kelsey Bettencourt – Paraprofessional – J135 –

Angelique Dauphin – Paraprofessional – J135 –